Tuesday August 30, 2011

Phil Taylor, owner of Bartleby's Books described a scene of utter devastation in Wilmington.

"Just about all the buildings are completely flooded, if not structurally impaired," he said.

Taylor watched Ann Coleman's newly refurbished art gallery get completely swept away. "That's a tragedy," he said.

Taylor described the mood of people in Wilmington earlier Monday as "a complete state of shock."

Business owners were waiting were FEMA officials to get there and assess the damage so the long cleanup process could begin.

Grocery stores, the drug store and at least two gas stations appeared to be open so basic services were available to some, but even getting to town is difficult -- the best way is from Massachusetts up Route 8.

Schools are likely to be closed at least a week, maybe longer. Right now the high school is being used as an emergency command center.

Mostly, the residents of Wilmington are just waiting for the help to arrive.

"I think our big concern, because we're so shut off, is people don't realize how bad it is here."

-- Jon Potter