Steve Muller places his ballot in the box at the Dover Town Hall.(Zachary P. Stephens/Brattleboro Reformer)
Steve Muller places his ballot in the box at the Dover Town Hall. (Zachary P. Stephens/Brattleboro Reformer)
Wednesday March 6, 2013

DOVER -- Incumbent Selectboard member William "Buzzy" Buswell lost the election against Joseph Mahon for a three-year seat on the board.

Mahon received 136 votes to Buzzwell's 121.

Selectboard member Victoria Capitani won the Selectboard seat for two years. She received 222 votes; Andy McLean received 237 votes for Town Clerk; Patty Westlake received 247 votes for Town Treasurer; Laura Sibilia received 214 votes for School Director for three years; Jonathan Vicary received 220 votes for School Director for two years; Nona Monis received 207 votes for Town Agent for one year; and Mary Lou Raymo received 237 votes for First Constable for one year and Randy Johnson received 249 votes for Second Constable for one year.

Linda Sherman received 240 votes for Lister for three years; Hillary Twining received 234 votes for Library Trustee for five years; Patty Westlake received 245 votes for Trustee of Public Funds; Nelson Bond was elected Auditor for three years; Randy Terk was also elected Auditor for three years; and Lawrence Feldstein received 219 votes for Moderator for one year as well as 220 votes for Grand Juror for one year. Feldstein also received 215 votes for School District Moderator for one year.

Article 2 was approved which asked voters to "adopt the amendments of the articles listed below of the Dover Zoning Bylaw." It passed 189 votes to 38.

All the other articles were approved by voters.

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