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Scene of a police involved shooting on Greenfield Road in Peterborough, N.H., on Tuesday, June 21. On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office released its finding that lethal force was justified.

CONCORD, N.H. >> The New Hampshire attorney general has ruled that the fatal shooting of a Michigan man last month by police was justified.

Nineteen-year-old Lane Lesko, of Ann Arbor, died of a gunshot wound June 21 in Peterborough.

In a report Wednesday, Attorney General Joseph Foster said Greenfield Police Chief Brian Giammarino fired the fatal shot after fearing that his life was in danger.

The report says before the confrontation, Lesko stole a BMW from a dealership in Greenfield at gunpoint and then led police on a chase. Foster says Lesko was forced off the road and then ignored police commands to hold up his hands. The report says he instead began shooting at police with what "appeared to be a black handgun."

Police later determined it was a BB pistol.

Lesko's mother says there are outstanding questions about the attorney general's report finding the shooting was justified, adding it's only "one side of the story."

Patricia Lesko, the mother of Lane Lesko, told The Associated Press Wednesday she was given a briefing before the report was released. Lesko questioned whether police took enough time to assess her son's mental state ahead of the shooting and whether her son actually heard commands to drop his weapon and step away from a car.