• Club Notes - 08/28/2015 06:35 PM EDT
    Education Matters: Carpe diem

    08/28/2015 06:35 PM EDT
    "But why do the kids have to go back to school, Aunt Jill? 
    Full Story
    Family Matters: Supporting prenatal development
    08/28/2015 06:30 PM EDT - Hopefully, you are watching Family Matters, our half-hour cable show on Brattleboro Community Television. Full Story

    The View from Faraway Farm: Comfort
    08/28/2015 06:29 PM EDT - Why is it that we seek more comfort as we age? I've always been aware of this phenomenon, and I believe it to be very true. Full Story

    Gardening: Putting up food for the winter months
    08/27/2015 10:11 PM EDT - It's a rare gardener who doesn't grow at least a few tomatoes. Full Story

    Fish: The cloud is both brilliant and dangerous
    08/26/2015 06:14 AM EDT - I consider myself ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Full Story

    Juicebox Confessions: Getting schooled about schools
    08/21/2015 08:42 PM EDT - When Elsa was born we were living in an apartment in a town with an amazing school. Full Story

    Education Matters: Those fly-over states
    08/21/2015 08:39 PM EDT - Back in February of 2014, we adults started putting together our dream vacation trip: Yellowstone National Park, with its close neighbor, Grand Teton National Park thrown in for good measure. Full Story

    Faraway Farm: Elio — not a revolution
    08/21/2015 08:39 PM EDT - Back when automobiles were virtually hand made, motorcycles ruled for affordable transportation. Full Story

    Gardening: Late summer plantings in the vegetable garden
    08/20/2015 10:35 PM EDT - If you are like me, you have some space in your vegetable garden now. Full Story

    Balint: Finding understanding in Thermopolis
    08/20/2015 10:37 PM EDT - I often joke that Thermopolis, Wyoming, is stuck in a time warp. Full Story

    (Photo by Colin E. Braley/Invision/AP)
    Chris Brown owns 14 Burger Kings

    Peyton Manning, Kanye West, Magic Johnson, Rick Ross, Jimmy Buffett, and Hank Aaron also own fast food joints.