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    Climate justice or climate fascism

    11/23/2014 08:48 PM EST
    As part of his quest to burnish his tarnished legacy after six disappointing years in office, President Obama recently announced that the United States will contribute $3 billion over the next four years to the United Nations Green Climate Fund, a project to direct funds from wealthy countries to developing ones to help them slash emissions and adapt to global warming. 
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    Schmick: The Pipeline made simple
    11/22/2014 09:36 AM EST - The U.S. Senate rejected passage of the Keystone Pipeline by one vote this week. Full Story

    Stahl Tyler: With gratitude, we go forth
    11/22/2014 09:37 AM EST - It's only November, and I'm freezing. There are no leaves left, the ground lays bare, the winter looms. Full Story

    Stephens: This is my life ... and I wouldn't change a thing
    11/22/2014 09:38 AM EST - An entire month has gone by since our baby was born. Full Story

    Arlo Mudgett: New family member
    11/22/2014 09:39 AM EST - This past summer we lost an important family member, our 21-year-old calico cat Purdy. Full Story

    Audette: Baby, I'm amazed ...
    11/22/2014 09:39 AM EST - Gus is 1,129 days old today and there is practically no way to slow down this 3-year-old tornado of inquisitiveness, rambunctiousness and precocity. Full Story

    A comfort at thanksgiving
    11/21/2014 02:44 PM EST - I don't really like to get up early in the morning. Full Story

    Don't let substance abuse wreck your holidays
    11/20/2014 08:40 PM EST - As we approach the holiday season — the time of year from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day when "joy" is the word but not necessarily the reality — it's worth reflecting on ways we can protect ourselves and those we care about from inconvenience and tragedy due to use of alcohol or other mood-changing substances. Full Story

    Children need a predictable and consistent environment
    11/20/2014 08:36 PM EST - The "heroin problem" has been identified as the source of many societal challenges in Vermont. Full Story

    The headwind from Ironman hell
    11/18/2014 09:21 PM EST - People who know you're about to attempt an Ironman and have done it themselves will offer up very appreciated advice. Full Story

    (John Minchillo/AP)
    Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest

    MASHANTUCKET, Conn. (AP) — Competitive eater Joey Chestnut has won a turkey-eating contest in Connecticut, setting a record by devouring an entire bird. Full Story
    (Jordan Strauss/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
    One Direction wins artist of the year at AMAs

    One Direction has won the American Music Award for artist of the year. Competition in the category was tough, with Iggy Azalea, Beyoncé, Luke Bryan, Eminem, Imagine Dragons, John Legend, Lorde, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams up for the honor. Full Story