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    The View from Faraway Farm: A gift of persistence

    02/05/2016 07:23 PM EST
    I'm not one to give up easily. It is a characteristic that offers the path to frustration, failure, and disappointment. 
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    Gardening: Spring flower shows
    02/04/2016 09:58 PM EST - This has been a relatively easy winter for me. No heavy snows requiring me to climb up on my roof to shovel off the flat part above a death-defying 30-foot drop. Full Story

    Women's Freedom Center: What everyone should know about teen dating and violence
    02/04/2016 09:48 AM EST - While Valentine's Day gets all the hype in February, it's also Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, so a good time to explore particular challenges for teens facing such abuse. Full Story

    Balint: Saving the General George Stannard House
    02/04/2016 08:35 AM EST - There's a saying that bounces around the Vermont Senate chamber: "There are no bad committees. Full Story

    Brattleboro Reformer
    02/04/2016 07:53 AM EST - FIRST, DO NO HARM By Richard Davis GUILFORD- Most people agree that opiate and heroin addiction is creating big problems in our society. Full Story

    David Gartenstein: Brattleboro Selectboard files annual report
    02/03/2016 07:30 AM EST - Brattleboro's Selectboard continued its busy schedule in 2015, convening 39 meetings and focusing on a wide range of projects. Full Story

    Fish: Despite the pain, I won't let age win
    02/02/2016 09:38 PM EST - They say getting old ain't for the faint at heart. I'm 51, though I act like I am 15 and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life, so why does everything hurt, all the time? Full Story

    Bob Engel | Counter Steering: Crazy is fine
    02/01/2016 06:07 AM EST - There is relatively new field out there called Behavioral Economics. Full Story

    Matters of Substance: A collaborative approach toward addressing substance abuse
    01/31/2016 09:19 AM EST - An important trend that has been gaining momentum in our community is the close coordination between law enforcement, criminal justice system, treatment providers, and prevention professionals to address substance abuse and related problems. Full Story

    The View from Faraway Farm: The problem with preferences
    01/29/2016 04:55 PM EST - We all develop preferences in a consumer society with so many choices. Full Story