Back in June, 2008 I wrote to Tom D’Errico, the Reformer’s editor, to ask if he might have interest in a weekly column on energy. I thought it would be fun to write a regular column on a topic that I’ve focused so much time on over the past 35-plus years. I was pretty confident that I could come up with enough topics to crank out a year’s worth of columns, and I thought some of the Reformer’s readers would appreciate such a column -- geeky as it might be.

Somewhat to my surprise, Tom said sure, and I’ve been writing this weekly column ever since -- except during an eight-month period in 2011 when I was on sabbatical from BuildingGreen and needing the freedom to travel and focus on launching a non-profit organization, the Resilient Design Institute.

This is my 273rd column. At about 900 words per column, that’s nearly 250,000 words (20 percent more words than Herman Melville’s Moby Dick).

While there is lots more that could be said about energy, I’m feeling a need to move on. With spring here I’m wanting to devote my weekends to creating the farm in Dummerston that I’ve alluded to now and then in my columns.

I also want more time for other creative endeavors. Writing the column has been a regular part of my weekend these past five-plus years -- just ask Jerelyn! Usually is isn’t a huge amount of time -- typically one to three hours (sometimes considerably more) -- but it takes a lot to come up with topics that can be presented in a way that is understandable to a lay audience and also informative to a building professional audience when I post the columns as blogs on