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Students from the Mountain School at Winhall helped clean up portions of the Long Trail in October.

WINHALL >> On two Mondays in October, the 19 and 26, 5th through 8th grade students from The Mountain School at Winhall aided in the cleaning and maintenance of portions of Vermont's beautiful Long Trail.

Students hiked local sections of the trail, cleaning out water bars. Water bars are horizontal breaks in the vertically cut Long Trail, which are intended to re-route water and prevent trail erosion. They require frequent cleaning to remove soot and debris in order to serve this purpose, and MSW students were eager to help.

Students travelled by bus to the trail head, where they met with a Long Trail volunteer who guided the expedition. They spent the day on the trail, cleaning, working together, and aiding in the maintenance of the oldest hiking trail in the United States.

The Long Trail is maintained exclusively by volunteers, and MSW student participation is a long-standing tradition.