WESTMINSTER >> On Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Harlow Farm at 117 Deep Root Drive is hosting a gleaning event to benefit Feeding the 5000 New York City food festival on Tuesday, May 10.

Gleaning is the process of going over a field that has been harvested and gathering any usable parts of the crop that remain.

Feedback, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to ending food waste at every level of the food system, will glean hundreds of pounds of spinach dishes that will be served at the event. Feedback will be accompanied by a group of volunteers from Salvation Farms is an organization that reduces farm fresh food loss and increases local food access through the responsible management and use of Vermont's surplus crops.

Feeding the 5000 NYC is made possible by The Rockefeller Foundation. For more information visit Feedbackglobal.org.