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Ethel Brosnahan, a resident of the Holton Home, tries out the new pedestrian flag as she uses the crosswalk by the home on Western Avenue.

BRATTLEBORO >> In collaboration with the Holton Home and Brattleboro Department of Public Works, the Safe Streets Project recently launched a pilot program to improve pedestrian visibility, located at the crosswalk between Holton Home and Trinity Lutheran Church on Western Avenue.

Two florescent orange and yellow flags sit on the yield signs on each side of the crosswalk, with instructions to "carry a flag when crossing the street and place it in the container on the other side." This site was recently approved for a pedestrian activated flashing light by the Brattleboro Traffic Safety Committee, due to the vulnerable population using this crosswalk. These flags will be used in the interim until the flashing light system can be purchased and put in place. If the pilot flag program is deemed successful, flags maybe placed at other crosswalks around town in the future.

For more information about this pilot program or the Safe Streets Project, contact Alice at or Kathleen at The Safe Streets Project mission is to increase safety and civility for all Brattleboro road users, through education and outreach. The project welcomes the participation of interested citizens.