Saturday August 3, 2013

MOUNT HERMON, Mass. -- The following Vermont students have been named to the academic honor roll for the 2013 spring term at Northfield Mount Hermon School:

High Honors

Brattleboro: Leah Silver, Class of 2016; Claire Kendrick, Class of 2016; Harper Baldwin, Class of 2015; and Jacqueline Elliott, Class of 2015.

Guilford: Isaac Karlan-Mason, Class of 2015.

Marlboro: Isobel Rountree, Class of 2016.

Putney: Louise Weed, Class of 2014.

Vernon: Riley Farabaugh, Class of 2013.


Brattleboro: Michaela Malin, Class of 2016; Calvin Gooley, Class of 2016; Paige Fenn, Class of 2015; Peter-Owen Hayward, Class of 2015.

Dummerston: Claire Mitike Lyons, Class of 2016; Matthew Dews, Class of 2013; Bridget Dews, Class of 2016.

Guilford: Caleb Paasche, Class of 2016; Katherine Schroeder, Class of 2015; Benjamin Knapp, Class of 2014.

Marlboro: Rosika Dater-Merton, Class of 2016.

South Newfane: Christopher Lasch, Class of 2015.