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    The Yankee Chef: Make strawberries' last hurrah unique

    09/02/2015 10:38 AM EDT
    This may be the last hurrah for strawberry shortcake season, so I thought I would go out with a unique spin of a timeless classic. 
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    Tomato time: Fresh salsa and sauce
    09/01/2015 12:57 PM EDT - All of my tomatoes are ripening at once. In addition to the CSA ones, I grew 10 tomato varieties this year, from Black Krim to Pineapple to San Marzano to those wonderful little yellow cherry tomatoes. Full Story

    Margaret Button: Facing the mystery of an old cookbook
    09/02/2015 10:06 AM EDT - A few months ago, Shana Shippee of North Adams, the mom of a player in the Marty's T-Ball League, came over to my usual spot behind the concession stand. Full Story

    Nutrition important for school children's grades
    08/26/2015 06:19 AM EDT - Children don't always like to eat their vegetables. Full Story

    The Yankee Chef: Sweet bread features 'tastiest fruit on earth'
    08/26/2015 06:18 AM EDT - I used cherimoya here because it has been described as the tastiest fruit on earth. Full Story

    Julie Potter: Ready or not, here comes school!
    08/25/2015 01:29 PM EDT - Move up the bedtimes and reset the alarms, school is about to begin! Full Story

    Why order out? Master great steaks at home
    08/18/2015 02:41 PM EDT - I have a confession to make. I never order steaks in restaurants. Full Story

    Bring out peaches' sweet side with a grill
    08/18/2015 02:38 PM EDT - If you are anything like me, you look forward to summer peaches all year. Full Story

    Cobb salad makes the most of summer's vegetable glut
    08/18/2015 02:37 PM EDT - At the end of the summer, we all are awash in corn, zucchini and tomatoes. Full Story

    Can, jar or freeze those veggies and fruits
    08/18/2015 02:36 PM EDT - Ron and Pat Kujawski have a 50-50 marriage when it comes to canning. Full Story

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    'Star Wars' BB-8 droid is an instant hit

    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ merchandise unveiling has fans waiting in line outside stores.