DOVER -- Last weekend, Devin Logan took first place in women's freeskiing slopestyle at the Winter Dew Tour.

Overall she placed fourth for American women in the contest. This was the tour's only stop this year and it served as the first of five qualifiers for athletes attempting to make the United States Winter Olympic Team.

"There were a lot of spots for Americans. That was nice to see," said Logan. "It was really intimidating this year. They took only eight women from finals. You had to put out a pretty good run for qualifying. Everyone skied amazing."

On Dec. 19, Logan began her next series of competitions at the Grand Prix, being held at Copper Mountain.

She pointed out that the U.S. is the only country holding qualifiers so it puts American athletes in head to head battles for spots on the team.

"Doing well at the Dew Tour was a little bit of a stress reliever," added Logan. "I'm super excited for this winter and can't wait to see what happens."

With four more qualifying events left at the time of the interview, she said that anything can really happen.

From Feb. 8 to 23, the 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia. It will mark the first time that freeskiing halfpipe and slopestyle events will be included.

Logan competes in halfpipe too and placed sixth at the Dew Tour. She is on the Team U.S.A and won a silver medal at the 2012 Winter X Games in the slopestyle contest. That does not mean she is guaranteed a spot on the women's Olympic team.

"There's so many benefits of being on the freeskiing team," said Logan. "Since I was injured last year, I got to do my rehabbing in Park City. It definitely helped me on my recovery and to get back on the chair lift."

After the Grand Prix at Copper, there will be another Grand Prix event scheduled for North Star in California. However, there may not be enough snow, which could cause a change in venue.

The U.S. Olympic teams will be announced on Jan. 19.

According to her Team U.S.A. profile, Logan began skiing at the age of 2.

Before making it onto the national team, she attended Mount Snow Academy, where her two older brothers had received coaching before her.

Being able to ski every day had helped her progress in her early days. Logan was able to get in quick laps without the crowds while having one on one tutor sessions to stay ahead in school. She still keeps in touch with Mount Snow Academy Director Lynne Sullivan

Logan graduated from Twin Valley High School and still visits the Deerfield Valley whenever she gets the chance. Her mother owns the Wilmington Candle Company.

"I will probably come back after February when I have some down time and ski at Mount Snow," said Logan, who is also a member of the mountain's Carinthia Park C Team.

With the halfpipe being new to the Olympics, she hopes to be part of that history and move the sport forward.

"It's going to be put on the whole world stage," said Logan. "Hopefully I can play a part in the progression of skiing and women's freeskiing."

Logan told the Reformer that being selected for the team would be an honor in itself.

If she were to make it on the Olympic team, Logan would turn 21 in Sochi.

"It would be a pretty sweet birthday."

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