BRATTLEBORO -- Chris Brown taught himself how to play basketball. As a kid, he learned by watching a certain NBA star in Chicago.

And the stats he put up during his senior year of college -- 22 points, 10 rebounds per game -- were certainly Jordan-esque.

So it really wasn’t any surprise that Brown was inducted into Lyndon State’s Hall of Fame on Sept. 20, along with hoops standout Rachel Maxwell and baseball great Don Colby.

"You play the game because you love it, not to get into a hall of fame. I enjoyed the challenges that came with playing," said Brown. "Just stepping foot on campus brought back so many memories."

Like the 1,400 points that he scored for the Hornets. The 12 consecutive wins that his Lyndon State College men’s basketball team had. Making it to the conference’s Final 4 every year that he played.

"I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned life lessons while there, like how to prepare and how to achieve greatness. I have used those lessons in coaching and as a family man," stated Brown, who is now the varsity boys basketball coach at Twin Valley High School.

Brown scored 951 points while at Wilmington High School, where he averaged 25 points and 15 boards during his senior year in 2001. The 6-3 center played on a team with the likes of Jesse Lane, Nick Crafts, Dan Zeman, Chad Bullock and Chris Cole.

"I was just dominant inside. I only took maybe 10 3-pointers my senior year. I was crafty and skilled. I blocked shots, but I didn’t play a lick of defense," he noted.

And Brown remembers that third game of his senior season. Trailing by 2, three seconds left, Crafts sunk a half-court shot to beat Green Mountain, and the home crowd went bonkers.

"I’ll never forget that," said Brown.

C.B. would transform into a wing player at Lyndon State College, where he improved his defense and honed his outside shot. He averaged double-digits in scoring all four years there, eventually graduating cum laude with a degree in Allied Health Science with an emphasis in Physical Education.

And eight years later, the man who once learned from M.J. was inducted into his college’s hall of fame.

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