Varsity coaches in the area now have a place to tell the readers all about their team and the athletes on it. Leading off is Brattleboro Union High School girls basketball coach Paul Freed.

"I have had many great groups to work with over the years, but this year’s gang certainly is one of the most enjoyable. We believe that the key to success is unity of purpose and heart. We expect enthusiasm, energy, and effort or " E cubed " as we refer to it. This is a group that has shown right off how much passion and heart they possess, and how much they are willing to commit and sacrifice for "our" cause. They work hard every day and truly enjoy being with each other. This collective strength from within makes us a very powerful group and one than can achieve many great things. As the great Vince Lombardi once said, ‘individual commitment to a group effort; that’s what makes a team work,’" said Freed.

The Colonel girls are off to a 5-3 start. They just got nine points from Meghan Powell and Megan "Lightning" Siggins, and a dozen rebounds by Maddy Derosia, in a 44-30 victory over Drury.

"Our journey together is only just over a month and eight games but already we have accomplished much. We decided three core elements to who we are going to be this season: first, and most importantly, we are going to be a very strong defensive team. We take a lot of pride in our "D" and every opponent is going to have to work hard for every inch of hardwood when battling the Colonels. Secondly, we wanted to establish a transition game. We do not have much size, but are very athletic and this coupled with our defense can help us get some easy baskets. Finally, in our half-court game, we wanted to " share the sugar" and make that extra pass for that high percentage shot. In our eight games, we have held opponents to under 37 points per game," added Freed. "We are getting very comfortable and more and more successful in our transition and we have had seven different leading scorers in eight games. All strong endorsements of how this team approaches our cause. We are 5-3 and have battled the Western Massachusetts state champion finalist to the last second, played with Vermont’s best and won on the road as well. This is a group I find myself eager to be with every day, and I see a lot of fun and success ahead. They are a pleasure to work with and a very entertaining group to watch. We have had good turnouts for our home games and I encourage all you fans out there to please come and support them. you will enjoy the show!"

The Colonels will next play at Burlington on Saturday. Members of the BUHS team are: Coach -- Paul Freed. Seniors -- Ari Harrison, Kayla Savage, Megan Siggins, Daisy Giroux, Aidan Early. Juniors -- Abbie Lesure, Maddie Derosia, Taylor Bird, Meghan Powell, Katie Damian, Nina Goodhue, Emily Rounds.

Varsity coaches from Brattleboro, Bellows Falls, Twin Valley, Leland & Gray, The Austine School, and Hinsdale, N.H., are encouraged to send individual statistics, team record, thoughts on how your season’s going, and whatever else you’d like to tell the readers, to