BRATTLEBORO -- The BUHS girls basketball team seem to get better with every new opponent they encounter. Facing a hectic mid-season schedule, over the course of less than a few weeks the Colonels have won all six of their previous contests to go 11-4.

The latest indication of the team’s progress was their 41-35 victory over Rutland on Monday.

Maddie Derosia and Ari Harrison scored 14 points apiece, Kayla Savage led the defensive with nine rebounds, three steals and six points, while Kate Damian, Taylor Bird, Emily Rounds, and Abbie Lesure also contributed to the Brattleboro tally with a few buckets.

Harrison added 10 rebounds for a double-double plus four assists, and Meghan Powell and Megan Siggins played some lock down defense for the purple and white.

Kristen Switzer’s three-pointer made it 35-30 during Rutland’s fourth quarter push back, after Brattleboro outscored them 10-4 in the third. Rutland’s Lauren Fabian also splashed one from beyond the arc that quarter, and she would lead her team with 11 points total.

"We were never too comfortable," said Colonels coach Paul Freed. "That’s the thing about Rutland and Brattleboro -- they’re always scrappy. The idea was to contain them, make them use the clock, and make them spend some time on each offensive set."

The Raiders took a slight lead in the second period, but a put back by senior Savage placed the Colonels back on top, where they stayed for the remainder of the game.

Derosia and Harrison transitioned quickly on both ends of the court to combine for nine of Brattleboro’s 11 first quarter points, as the Colonels held the visitors scoreless for the first four minutes.

"She’s so athletic, she doesn’t even realize how athletic she is," said Freed of Derosia’s performance. "She’s long, she’s quick, and has been really energizing to start games for us which gets us off on a good foot."

Lesure also played a major role in crippling the Raiders’ approach into the paint.

"Lesure really gets us going," said Freed. "She energizes us, and it’s contagious; when she’s out there like that, all of a sudden it spurs on Savage, Derosia, and Bird. Harrison has that same spark, and heart."

Freed sent Nina Goodhue, Siggins, Rounds, and Bird to the floor in the second quarter, the team’s best. Bird made bounce passes to the bottom of the key, Derosia had a steal then took it all the way, and Harrison nailed a spinning hook shot, which in turn helped the Colonels to a 25-18 score at the half.

In the final minutes of play Derosia demonstrated her physicality one last time by intercepting a pass intended for Rutland’s Molly Turgeon. It was the nail in the Raiders’ coffin.

The Colonels will host Burr and Burton on Thursday at 7 during Senior Night.

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