BRATTLEBORO -- While Kamil Stoch, of Slovenia, won his second Olympic gold medal in Sochi, three representatives from the same country, dominated Harris Hill over the weekend.

During Saturday’s FIS Cup, Miran Zupancic soared over 316 feet on his best run to total 262 points and take gold in the 25th annual event. The silver went to Mitja Meznar, who traveled about 307 feet to a perfect landing, and Ernest Prislic took bronze.

Chris Lamb, two-time defending Fred Harris Memorial Tournament champion, placed ninth in Saturday’s Cup, clocking a top speed of 54 mph and traveling over 290 feet.

"Conditions are a little more difficult than they were in the trial," said Lamb, after taking his first judged run on Saturday. "Still, I felt like this was some of the best jumping I’ve done today."

Lamb is the current distance record-holder (335 ft. in 2010) at Harris Hill.

In between runs, Lamb said he would warm up in the competitors’ tent, wax his skis, and talk with his coach, Evan Bliss. "We are looking toward the end of the season now," said Lamb. "But there are still a few events to attend in Europe."

Brattleboro-born Spencer Knickerbocker placed 20th during Saturday’s FIS Cup.

"It is really exciting to be here," said Knickerbocker. "The energy is really good. We’ve had some snow today. It finally feels like winter. It seems like we haven’t had a good winter in about five years."

In the Pepsi Challenge held Saturday, Zach Daniels, of Andover, N.H. Outing Club, conquered the competition, going a distance of 279 feet to take top honors. Landon Liveri totaled 187 points for a silver, and Karl Schulz took to the podium for a bronze.

While Saturday’s weather brought a moderate amount of snow which affected the jump’s surface, the skies cleared up for festivities held Sunday.

Daniels stuck a 286 ft. landing in the red zone to grab a second gold medal and earn the coveted Fred Harris Trophy, during Sunday’s Fred Harris Memorial Tournament.

Liveri added another silver to his collection with a 297 ft.completion, and Schulz was the fastest of the three to also acquire a follow-up bronze after nailing his 266 ft. jump during the U.S. Open-Class event.

Sunday’s FIS Cup was also a virtual repeat of Saturday’s FIS event for Zupancic, Meznar, and Prislic, who all went to the winner’s circle for a second time in the exact order. Knickerbocker placed 24th and totaled 125 points.

"The weekend was fantastic," said Lynn Barrett, public relations volunteer. "Saturday was nice, even though it was a little snowy, and Sunday was a perfect day, with just a little wind. Warm enough for some tailgating."

About 6000 visitors attended the 92nd annual two-day event, held on Cedar Street.

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