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Add big flavor with onions

Up your grilled cheese game with one simple addition. Cook onion slices in a pan with olive oil and butter on medium-high heat. Cook until fragrant and translucent. Add to your grilled cheese.

Sweet Addition

Use up leftover sweet potato

Don't throw out leftover baked sweet potato — spread it between two sour dough slices with sharp cheddar. Get fancy and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over the buttered slices before grilling.


Pick a pickle for your sandwich

A pickle and grilled cheese often share the same plate at a deli — why not let them cozy up in the same sandwich? Adding a pickle between your grilled cheese gives lunch a salty, crunchy punch.


Bring on the chips, cheese

Love chips with your sandwich? Spread yellow mustard on 1 slice of bread; top with 2 slices American cheese and 8 potato chips. Top with another slice of bread and grill until golden.