Sunday, March 29
WILLIAMSTOWN — The public is invited to a discussion of single payer health care on Wednesday, April 1, 7 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall at the First Congregational Church on Route 2.

Dr. Michael Kaplan will give a PowerPoint presentation, followed by commentary from Robert Hertzig, M.D., and mental health professional Paul Gitterman.

Following an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and make comments, time will be set aside to organize local efforts to put a single-payer system into effect in Massachusetts.

The event is sponsored by the Meeting House Group of the First Congregational Church and the Center for Community Engagement at Williams College.

It follows a community health care discussion on Jan. 6, at which most participants favored a single-payer approach. Results of that meeting were forwarded to the Obama Transition Team. Results of the April 1 meeting will also be sent to the administration in Washington and to state representatives.

For further information, contact Stewart Burns at sburns@ or 597-4849.