BRATTLEBORO -- Police this morning arrested a homeless man in the Harmony Parking Lot after investigating several reports of attempted robberies in the Frost Street area overnight.

Christopher McKenzie, 34, was cited for assault and robbery and for attempted robbery and is currently being held at the Brattleboro Police Deparment on $10,000 bail. He will appear in Windham Superior Court, Criminal Division, later today.

According to police, a woman contacted the Brattleboro Police Department Thursday evening and said that while walking home from the downtown area she was approached by a man demanding money. She sprayed him with mace and fled from the scene.

Then, early Friday morning, police received another call from several people reporting they were "robbed at knife point in the Frost Street area."

The suspect was apprehended later after running into officers on foot patrol in the downtown area.

We will have more coverage on this case later today.