BRATTLEBORO — A threat was made in the reception area in the Emergency Department at Brattlboro Memorial Hospital by an unnamed individual, which resulted in a Code Silver Tuesday afternoon.

"I can't really give any more details than someone came in and made a threat, and it was enough for us to call the Brattleboro Police Department and follow those procedures," said Gina Pattison, the Director of Development and Marketing of BMH.

According to Pattison, the person did not present a weapon at the time and no injuries were sustained. Pattison added that when the BPD responded, the matter was resolved within ten minutes.

As stated at, a Code Silver is when there is either a combative patient with a lethal weapon on the premises or a violent situation is unfolding and a lock down is in place.

No press release has yet been issued by the Brattleboro Police Department.

Maddi Shaw can be reached at 802-254-2311 ext 275