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Jen Beckwith, owner of The Village Beauty Shoppe in Jacksonville, styles Lisa Spano's hair on Monday, Aug. 8. The Village Beauty Shoppe is the first tenant to occupy 3077 Route 100 in Jacksonville after the building was nearly condemned due to damage from 2011's Tropical Storm Irene.

JACKSONVILLE >> Hair is piling up at 3077 Route 100.

That's because Jen Beckwith opened the Village Beauty Shop there on Aug. 1. This marks the first time setting out on a solo venture.

"I've been doing hair for 16 years," she said. "I took a little time off and a lot of my clients were asking me to come back."

Beckwith said a building in her town became available for rent and she decided she'd like to try to bring some more business there.

"They gutted the entire main area then let me design the space however I wanted it," said Beckwith. "It's pretty much brand new."

She said about 700 square feet of the building was renovated by the landlords.

"We basically took it down to the boards, redesigned the floor and repaired boards that needed work," said Becky Green, property owner.

Tropical Storm Irene had caused some water damage, she said. Some sheet rock needed to be pulled. Concrete was poured.

The previous owners had cleaned up the property after Irene, renting out one apartment and running the antique shop known as Marilla's within the space.

Green bought the building sometime around Christmas of 2014. Currently, two apartments are being rented out in the building.

The salon is open Monday through Saturdays. Evening hours are available upon request.

Business has been good so far.


"The first week was great. This is only my second week," Beckwith said on Tuesday. "I'm hoping to do a lot more business after (Whitingham) Old Home Week. I'm hoping people will start coming in here. What better time to open a business? Every 10 years it happens. I feel very fortunate."

For now, she's cutting and styling hair alone. Jessica Smith will join her in September.

Beckwith said she never really considered opening her own salon.

"Ever since I started doing this, I realized how much I love doing this. I have a great job," she said.

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