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    12/17/2014 08:48 PM EST
    Reflections on Hetty Green Editor of the Reformer: The village of Bellows Falls has a park with no name, but for half a century it has been referred to as Hetty Green Park. 
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    Your opinions
    12/16/2014 08:57 PM EST - The Selectboard's lack of civic leadership Editor of the Reformer: A philanthropic fund raising money to help the Town of Brattleboro cover its General Fund obligations is an innovative proposal worthy of public discussion and debate ("Board nixes Chapman proposal," Reformer, Dec. Full Story

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    12/15/2014 08:37 PM EST - Prevention first Editor of the Reformer: I am writing to applaud statements made by Rep. Full Story

    Letters to the Editor
    12/14/2014 08:58 PM EST - Editor of the Reformer: I would like to express my gratitude to the voters of Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Walpole and Westmoreland for their support in the recent general election. Full Story

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    12/12/2014 09:33 PM EST - Support your local foodbank Editor of the Reformer: Numbers are never the whole story, but Hunger in America 2014 data tells us that 153,100 Vermonters — 61,800 families — are using food provided by the Vermont Foodbank to ensure they get enough food to eat throughout the year. Full Story

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    12/18/2014 09:49 AM EST - Don't let the holidays 'break the bank' Editor of the Reformer: Even if you've been careful all year long, sticking to a budget and not spending more than you take home, December can break the bank. Full Story

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    12/10/2014 08:43 PM EST - Looking for the 'middle ground' with the new look Editor of the Reformer: Just a note to let you know we do not the "new" Reformer. Full Story

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    12/09/2014 08:40 PM EST - Speak up for human rights Editor of the Reformer: Human Rights Day on Dec. Full Story

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    12/08/2014 05:32 PM EST - Board must fill vacancy during open meeting Editor of the Reformer: In the Dec. Full Story

    Letter to the Editor
    12/07/2014 08:09 PM EST - Editor of the Reformer: "My how you've grown!" I say when my son's winter jacket no longer covers his forearms and pulls tight in the underarms. Full Story

    (Joan Marcus/AP)
    2 plays have reason to crow on Broadway this week

    NEW YORK (AP) — Two star-driven Broadway plays this week got early Christmas presents when they announced they'd recouped their respective investments. Full Story