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    03/02/2015 09:46 PM EST
    Eat your veggies, already Editor of the Reformer: I'm getting tired of the incessant letters to the editor telling us we should all be vegetarians. 
    Full Story
    Town Meeting Letters
    03/02/2015 01:10 PM EST - Editor of the Reformer: I know I've written before about why I think a local sales tax is wrong for the future of Brattleboro. Full Story

    Your Thanks
    03/01/2015 10:00 PM EST - Editor of the Reformer: We would like to express our gratitude to all of our good friends and relatives for joining us to celebrate our 80th birthday. Full Story

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    02/27/2015 08:23 PM EST - We are omnivores Editor of the Reformer: Derek Doucette's claim that "humans were designed to eat . Full Story

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    02/25/2015 09:16 PM EST - Support for Luskin Editor of the Reformer: As a senior citizen, I may well share my willingness with others at Town Meeting for having questions about procedure explained slowly and clearly, even in repetition. Full Story

    Letter Box
    02/25/2015 09:15 PM EST - Support for Friend Editor of the Reformer: I am asking the voters of Newfane to vote for Cina Friend for Town Clerk. Full Story

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    02/24/2015 10:39 PM EST - Restore your voice Editor of the Reformer: In Putney of late, some of us are working with a committee to help assure that the members of Putney's Co-op will continue to have access to information and decision-making opportunities. Full Story

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    02/23/2015 08:30 PM EST - Support for Dowling Editor of the Reformer: I have gotten to know Marion Dowling from both of us being on the same Court Diversion Panel for three years now. Full Story

    Letter to the Editor
    02/22/2015 08:06 PM EST - Editor of the Reformer: The Windham County Heat Fund and all of those who benefit from the organizations efforts would like to thank the Ladies of the Rainbow for donating their raw talents to a Feb. Full Story

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    02/20/2015 08:36 PM EST - Reformer was lacking Editor of the Reformer: Have I missed something? Full Story

    Review: 'A Kim Jong-Il Production' is a fascinating tale

    "A Kim Jong-Il Production" (Flatiron Books/Macmillan), by Paul Fischer Here's an easy one: North Korea's Kim Jong Il orders a famous South Korean film director and his actress wife kidnapped and brought into the country to remake a tepid film industry with dreams of international glory. Full Story