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    Letter: Local business disrespects town

    09/02/2015 03:27 PM EDT
    Local business disrespects community Editor of the Reformer: I find it surprising and counter-productive that a local business, Panda North, continues to not respect and indeed disregard our local community's and our state's ideals. 
    Full Story
    Letter: Bullying tactics
    09/02/2015 03:27 PM EDT - Bullying tactics Editor of the Reformer: We've been appalled by our experience with the state and local permitting process for a cell tower in Bennington. Full Story

    Letter: No backbone to admit the truth
    09/02/2015 03:27 PM EDT - Editor of the Reformer: Columnist Dana Milbank writes (Aug. Full Story

    Letter: Two-wheeled idiots
    09/02/2015 03:27 PM EDT - Two-wheeled idiots Editor of the Reformer: First off, I'd like to say hats off to the majority of bicyclists in the area. Full Story

    Letter: Thank you for Retreat editorial
    09/01/2015 10:01 PM EDT - Editor of the Reformer: Dear writer of "Investigation at the Retreat unwarranted" (Aug. Full Story

    Letter: FairPoint ... or no point ... you decide
    09/01/2015 10:00 PM EDT - Editor of the Reformer: I live in West Wardsboro, Vermont and my FairPoint DSL service comes approximately 26,000 feet out of their downtown Wardsboro building. Full Story

    Letter: Vermont wildlife input needed
    08/31/2015 10:22 PM EDT - Vermont wildlife; input needed Editor of the Reformer: Vermonters are hearing a lot about wildlife conservation these days, but often traditional conservation ideology isn't in the best interest of our wildlife in general. Full Story

    Letter: The media has been Trumped
    08/31/2015 10:21 PM EDT - The media has been Trumped Editor of the Reformer: I sincerely wonder about the diligence of our media. Full Story

    Letter: No accountants at the Reformer
    08/31/2015 10:21 PM EDT - No accountants at the Reformer Editor of the Reformer: For the record, my office is not involved in the investigation of the Brattleboro Retreat ("Investigation at Retreat unwarranted," Aug. Full Story

    Thank you letters
    08/30/2015 09:25 PM EDT - Editor of the Reformer: Who is thinking of snow during the dog days of August? Full Story