A heartfelt Christmas thanks

Editor of the Reformer:

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, my family woke up to our apartment full of smoke. My sister and I got our disabled parents out of the apartment along with our dog and three cats. The fire spread so fast that we had no time to retrieve anything else, but we got the most important things out, which, of course, were our lives!

I just wanted to write and thank some people who helped us so much. First to our neighbors Kevin and Kelly who opened their home to us at 2 a.m. and let us stay until we were helped by the Red Cross, which responded so quickly by putting us up in a hotel. They do such amazing work; so, thank you, Red Cross. The Brattleboro Fire Department was on the scene five minutes after we called 911 and stopped the fire from spreading next door. Also, the other fire departments that came and helped out, we thank you guys and appreciate all that you did.

Plus, we want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. It really does matter knowing that people were thinking of us at this difficult time.

I’d also like to thank the people at Hotel Pharmacy. They did an amazing job of replacing my parents’ life-saving medicine, such as insulin and heart medication. The folks at Hotel Pharmacy are an amazing group of people.

This Christmas will be hard, but thanks to all of the people I’ve mentioned, it will be just a little easier. It could’ve been a lot worse. Although we lost everything we ever had in the fire, we didn’t lose the most precious things -- each other.

So, in closing, again my family thanks all of you that I mentioned and all of you that have us in your thoughts and prayers; it helps immensely.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

PS: Hug everyone you love just a little tighter this year and know how lucky we all are to still have each other.

The Damon Family

Brattleboro, Dec. 24

A Christmas disappointment

Editor of the Reformer:

I pick up up my son at his daycare, the Brattleboro Centre for Children. Today at 3 p.m. I went inside and pick him up. I came out to see my car was hit and there was no car in sight and nobody saw anything. This happened between Merchants Bank and Key Bank. So I went to the police and filed a report and told them they could check the cameras at Key Bank. I was told that I can investigate this myself and was told to ask Key Bank for the footage. So I went to the bank and they told me only the police could look at the footage and it would cost too much money anyways.

My problem with that response is this happens in front of a day care. Someone was not looking where they were going, and that means they could have have hit a kid instead. So it feels like nobody cares about this when it could easily be found out who did this. Now the person who hit me gets away and was probably speeding and I have to pay the insurance company.

I did live in the town of Brattleboro for four years until September when I moved, but I work in Brattleboro and this does not give me the felling of a helpful community.

Devin Whitham and
Kaite West,

Marlboro, Dec. 23