Unrest in South Africa

Editor of the Reformer:

The Central African Republic is a real storehouse of natural resources. One of its main treasures is diamonds, deposits of which are present in 40 percent of the country. The country also has reserves of gold. France has been removing gold from the Central African Republic since 1930. However, while more than a ton per year was being extracted in the 1960s, these days reserves have virtually been exhausted (two to 10 kilograms are extracted per year). There are also large deposits of copper and tin but, most importantly, the resource that remains virtually untouched in the Central African Republic is uranium. Known reserves of uranium amount to nearly 15,000 tons of ore. France is planning to build a uranium plant with an output of 1,000 ton of uranium concentrate. That is quite serious grounds for interfering in the restoration of constitutional order. The new head of state’s first step was to appeal to France, the USA and the EU for financial help and promise to revise the agreements that François Bozizé had entered into with China.

The world’s media has already started a campaign against South African President Jacob Zuma, who sent troops into the Central African Republic at the request of Bozizé. Reports have emerged that South African soldiers in CAR killed several teenagers. It seems that South African troops will soon be charged with committing war crimes. It is not impossible that the coup d’état in the Central African Republic will turn out to be a preparatory operation by special forces for quite a different coup d’état -- in South Africa. It is possible that the plan is for South African President Jacob Zuma to be removed and for the International Criminal Court to issue an order for Zuma’s arrest. You will recall that the coup d’état in CAR took place three days before the start of the BRICS Summit in South Africa. As is well-known, joining BRIC was the initiative of South Africa. Similar initiatives, from the point of view of the forces of the new world order, cannot go unpunished.

Jackie Brook,

Putney, Dec. 10

Prayers for the troops

Editor of the Reformer:

I write about expansion of soldiering in Vermont. We now have the F-35s, and our National Guard is honored to be chosen for special booster readiness training. The real honor is the huge quiet duty of our armed forces to fight a bloodless war to protect us from our domestic enemy. My hat tips to the true patriots among our forces, who, without fanfare, press or hero status, this fall averted a major nuclear false flag event in South Carolina. A false flag event is an attack waged by criminal uberwealthy upon Americans and made to look like terrorism (to motivate Americans to support more war and militarism). As a result of the recent averted false flag attack, there has been a purge of top military personnel responsible for our nuclear safety. It was they who prevented American deaths, they detonated the nuclear bomb at sea.

It is my observation that our troops are likely being prepared for a war with China. War is totally necessary only for the criminal uberwealthy who need the chaos to refine their status further. Vermont troops, my prayers will be made for your safety and with my gratitude where you are able to protect us from the corporate enemy within. As one true patriot to another, I request that you hinder orders to create harm for profit’s sake, and do your best to raise the bar from below for wise, rational and human responses that are not based on money, but rather, heart.

Emily Peyton,

Putney, Dec. 17