Editor of the Reformer:

On January 18th and 19th at the Hannford Supermarket, RSVP, Connecticut River Transit (The Current) and Hannaford’s sponsored the "Stuff the Bus" food collection to support local food shelves. The response from shoppers was overwhelming. The generosity of people in our community is truly amazing. The bus was filled! The Guilford Food Pantry was one of several food shelves that benefited from this event. Heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, volunteers and donors for all your efforts to help us care for those in need.

Pat Haine, director

Guilford Food Pantry, Jan. 23 ***

Editor of the Reformer:

To Brattleboro,

It does take a village. At the end of the Christmas season, a sweet but profound little opera, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" was given at the First Baptist Church in Brattleboro. It was given as a benefit for the Emergency Overflow Shelter -- there was no charge, but there was a ready basket for donations. Offerings poured in, and $1,700 will help support the Church’s hosting of those in need of shelter.

This letter is to thank the community for a gift given. To thank the Chorus for their musicianship, voices, and dancing, and mostly for their joy -- Cassandra Anderson, Susan Barduhn, Beth Kiendl, Wendy Mason, Connie Woodberry, Orion Barber, Mike Mayer, David Roberts, Judith Reichsman and her imagination, and Walter Slowinski and his clarinet! And Addie Waxman on Sunday.

Very special thanks to the Principals, Lesley Cotter, Elle Jamieson, James Anderson, Franklin Sibley, Gregory Sweeney, David Worth -- for their beautiful voices, their own truth of performance, and their sweet joy and imaginations. Thanks also to Sandy Klein and NEYT for opening a treasure trove of costumes, to Catherine Jackson, Costumer extraordinaire, Betsy Odgers, Costume Designer/Builder, also most extraordinaire!

Thank you to Rob Couchon and William McKim for musical preparation and, Rob, for being a veritable Orchestra at the piano.

I wish to thank the Arts Council of Windham County for enabling a fledgling team of performers to present this opera, Jon Potter for telling the story of getting this "on the boards," the Baptist Church for their rehearsal week hospitality, the audience for embracing the performances with standing ovations, to St Michael School for rehearsal space, and Ian Jamieson’s swift initiative to shovel snow !

It has been a cold winter so far, but this was a heartwarming community gift.

Very Brattleboro in my view.

Kate Anderson,

Brattleboro, Jan. 24


Editor of the Reformer:

On December 6, 2013, the Windham Regional Career Center Dance Program held a silent auction to raise funds for their field trip to the National High School Dance Festival. Over $1,200 was raised to help offset the costs of sending almost 20 students to Miami to participate in auditions, classes and performances at this year’s festival. The dancers and instructors would like to thank Nancy Eddy for the donation of the art collection of the late Dr. Otto Marx, as well as the following local merchants for the donation of goods and services as part of this fundraiser:

Brattleboro Food Co-op, Malisun, Altiplano, Strange Brew Tattoo, Renaissance Fine Jewelry, Baker’s Hallmark, Sam’s Department Store, Turn It Up!, The Marina, Salon Jacque, The Shoe Tree, Twilight Tea Lounge, Brattleboro Holistic Healing Center, Scissor Masters, Beadniks, Brattleboro Books, Verdi, Mystery on Main Street, Everyone’s Books

Our sincerest thanks for a wildly successful event!

Instructors Jamie Gehring and
Jennifer Moyse,

and the students of Windham Regional Career Center Dance Program, Feb. 9


Editor of the Reformer:

The Vermont Workers’ Center would like to thank its members and the many individuals, organizations, and local businesses that contributed their time, expertise, and refreshments to our recent Eyes on the Prize community meeting on universal health care. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church graciously opened their doors to us for this event. We appreciate the practitioners who donated their services: Dr. Maggie Newton and Dr. Jane Katz Field who provided biometric screenings, and Cindy Hebbard, Joyce Jutras, Deborah Slonick and Suzan Sutton who offered zero balancing, teishin therapy, Reiki, and Q&A about herbal wellness.

We also thank Richard Davis, Ani Hawkinson, and Robin Lunge for serving as panelists, responding to questions about health care, policy, and financing. In addition we would like to thank our courageous speakers Matti Salminen, Jackie Gould, and Lynn Akey who shared their health care stories.

Our child care providers, Iresha Fisher, Brendan Fisher, Debbi Reed-Savory, Tamika Bacon, Kaitlin Ford, and Sarah Norrichs made it possible for parents to attend this meeting. Thank you to BCTV and producers Kipton Tewksbury and Maria Dominguez for taping the forum and putting it on BCTV, and to American Sign Language interpreters Janet Dickinson and Laurie Meyer for making the discussion accessible to the deaf community.

We were happy to be able to offer a community meal as part of this event, and appreciate the generous food donations from Thin Crust Pizzeria, Amy’s Bakery & Café, the Brattleboro Food Co-op, Andi Waisman, Mocha Joe’s, and the Brattleboro Retreat, as well as potluck contributions.

We were pleased to share this event with the following community partners: The AIDS Project of Southern Vermont, Vermont Early Educators, HeartSong Health in Community, Homo Promo, and Migrant Justice. Finally, we thank the members of our community who attended and participated in the forum, including local legislators Mike Mrowicki, Mollie Burke, and Valerie Stuart.

Shela Linton, Field Organizer

Vermont Workers’ Center, Feb. 7