Support for
Aldrich, Gould, Blackwood, Massucco

Editor of the Reformer:

We would like to add our voices to the growing chorus in support of the "Slate of Four" candidates -- Doreen Aldrich, David Gould, Carol Blackwood, and Ray Massucco -- running to serve on the Rockingham Free Public Library Board of Trustees. They give us a clear way to return the Library to the community. Their platform of "Trustees You Can Trust" says in a nutshell what we want and expect of our trustees. Let’s make this a landslide when we vote on March 4 at the Masonic Hall.

Marta and Bob Deacon,

Bellows Falls, Feb. 21

Support for
MacPhee, Hammond

Editor of the Reformer:

Rockingham voters have a clear choice in electing its Selectboard members. Several citizens have expressed interest in serving on this board. I endorse the candidacy of Thomas MacPhee and Susan Hammond. These two have a proven track record of supporting the well-qualified and dedicated employees of our town, those working in administration, those working to maintain our roads, as well as those overseeing our recreational facilities and programs, and our public library to name a few of the services offered in this good community. Tom and Sue seek to continue to provide leadership and vision for our town. They are watchful of the resources available to support needed services.

An informed electorate is key to the smooth running of a democracy. Be sure to stay informed through print media and by speaking directly with the candidates.

Make sure your name is on the voter checklist by Feb. 26. If need be, register with the Town Clerk by 5 p.m. that day. Then vote on March 4 at the Masonic Temple, Westminster Street from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you cannot get there, call the Town Clerk at 802-463-4336 for information about receiving an absentee ballot. Voting is a privilege. Take the opportunity to elect your public officials. I plan to vote for mine, including Thomas MacPhee and Susan Hammond for Selectboard.

Hugh C. Haggerty,

Bellows Falls, Feb. 21

Support for ‘Trustees you can trust’

Editor of the Reformer:

On Tuesday, March 4, voters in Rockingham will have the opportunity to make a change in the composition of the Rockingham Free Public Library Board of Trustees. A group of local citizens, running under the banner of "Trustees You Can Trust" is committed to serve, and they deserve our vote.

Throughout the past century, this library has been renowned in Vermont for its collection and its service to Rockingham residents and the region. In many ways, it has been the pride of the community. Now, despite the beautiful renovations, the many programs offered, and the laudable dedication of the employees, our library has become "renowned" for the wrong reasons. On voting day, we can all be instrumental in starting the process of healing, returning the focus to the excellence the library and its employees deserve.

It is critical that we vote for a group of trustees that will be able to work collaboratively with the entire board in the best interest of our library. The new group of candidates -- Doreen Aldrich, Carol Blackwood, David Gould and Raymond Massucco -- is looking forward to the challenge. It’s up to us, the voters, to make it happen. If you aren’t able to get out on March 4, be sure to call the Rockingham Town Office to request your absentee ballot. Let’s all vote to support our library.

Wendy Harty,

Bellows Falls, Feb. 21

Support for Kenney

Editor of the Reformer:

Another Town Meeting and the election of local government officials is approaching rapidly. In Dummerston, Bill Holiday is not seeking re-election for his two-year seat on the Selectboard and residents are very fortunate that Beverly Kenney has stepped up to fill that position. Beverly and her family own and operate the KOA Campground on Route 5, and recently was awarded KOA’s Presidents Award, Founders Award and Green Campground Award. She has been very active over the years in working on the town plan, zoning, and future land use, also attending many, many Selectboard and Planning Commission meetings and hearings.

Her successful business background and her previous participation in the many aspects of town business over the years makes Beverly Kenney the best well-informed and active candidate for the position. I hope you will join me in giving Beverly your support by voting for Beverly Kenney for Dummerston Selectboard on March 4.

Mark S. Whitaker,

Dummerston, Feb. 20

Support for Katz

Editor of the Reformer:

I am writing in support of Gary Katz for the office of selectman for the town of Newfane.

I have known Gary for around 15 years and have served with him on the board of civil authority. Gary has also been on the Selectboard in the past and has served as its chairman. In that position he proved himself to be an excellent asset to the town. As in the past, I am sure Gary will again prove to be the type of person the town needs to handle the affairs of the town.

I urge you please join me in voting for Gary Katz on Tuesday, March 4.

David Berrie,

Williamsville, Feb. 20

Khalsa on candidacy

Editor of the Reformer:

As a person of few words and right action -- as my name implies -- I seek your vote for the Dummerston Selectboard on March 4. My single purpose is serve the best interests of the town by contributing my time and energy for our greater good. You can meet all the candidates on Feb. 26 during the Dummerston School Board meeting which begins at 6pm at the school.

Gurudharm Khalsa,

Dummerston, Feb 23


Editor’s Note: With Town Meeting fast-approaching (March 4), we are aware that many letters in support of a candidate or from candidates will be sent to us. We will run as many as space allows before the election. Please note that support letters will not run after the March 1-2 Weekend Reformer publishes.