On the path to hell?

Editor of the Reformer:

In regards to your editorial on Thursday, Oct. 29 ("Religions should fight for women"), as a devout Catholic I take offense to your quoting the heretical spewings of John O'Brien and his organization Catholics for Choice. This is an organization that has been openly and repeatedly renounced by Catholic Church. This man is so far removed from the Church. He and this nefarious organization have the audacity to use the name "Catholic" in its title only as a tool to use against the Church and nothing more.

This is clearly one more example of you, the mainstream media, using your left-leaning bias to promote the secularists' liberal and, I'll personally add, immoral, agenda that is destroying this country. You may consider yourselves enlightened in earthly affairs but your ignorance of God will cost you everything.

Jeffrey LaFlamme, Brattleboro, Nov. 3