Veterans continue to give

Editor of the Reformer:

As we approach our annual holiday to show appreciation to those that served our country in the military, I want to commend several of our local citizens that have continued to serve their community as volunteers. These men enlisted in various branches, some for many years, and then went on to pursue careers. Their motivation to serve, to keep the country strong and secure, continued later in life at the local level. Each sought various ways to continue helping others by volunteering.

John Mulligan, U.S. Army, has been a volunteer driver for people needing medical visits for 15 years. Norbert Johnston, U.S. Army, has been an AARP Tax Aide program director for twenty years. John Spicer, U.S. Navy, has been volunteering at The Gathering Place, Moore Free Library, Brattleboro Drop-In Center, and mentoring in schools for nearly 30 years.

All citizens can be of service to their country, each in their own way. By investing personal time and energy in activities that matter to us all, volunteering is an exercise in personal democracy that shapes our world for the better.

Steve Ovenden, Coordinator, Green Mountain RSVP, Nov. 5