Education really does matter

Editor of the Reformer:

Reading the Reformer every day I enjoy Jill Stahl Tyler's Education Matters columns. They remind me of my high school days.

The Monday after I graduated from high school in 1929, I took a two-year night-school course in bookkeeping and typing. There I met a girl who had to leave day school to care for her invalid mother and she wanted that diploma. We became friends and in 1934 we eloped and married. She became my wife for 60 years and mother of our four children. Some 60 years later I discovered that my parents had done the same thing in 1985.

Because of my night-school training, I was often promoted where I worked and eventually became Town Clerk and Treasurer of Jamaica from 1957 to 1968, when I retired.

I now live at the West River Valley Assisted Living Building in Townshend, at the age of 104.

Warren S. Patrick, Townshend, Dec. 8