Thank you for saying what I was thinking

Editor of the Reformer:

At last, someone has articulated what I've been thinking for so long. The writer even uses the F word, fascism, to accurately describe the plague, building for decades globally and in our own country, finally erupting into its latest mind-numbing and terrifying manifestation.

Witness, here at home, the current presidential electoral campaign, an abomination that rules the media day and night, and weep. It is so rare to hear the truth in the hyper-inflated and toxic news cycles that dominate our society today, but on Sat., Jan. 2, a writer called out the Republican party for what it has become, and, suggested what we might do.

As a reader, I have stayed with the Reformer, as daily newspapers continue to decline, and, often pass away. This is because on their editorial page, the voices of moderation and sanity are still heard. The reader who values history may still be reminded of what really happened in the past. One is often enlightened.

Thank you, Steve Belzak for your words. Thank you, Reformer for publishing them. They brought clarity and light into my New Year. I really needed them.

Beverly Fleming, Brattleboro, Jan. 4