Newfane supports firefighters

Editor of the Reformer:

If anyone needed confirmation that decisions made by voters at even fairly routine Town Meetings can be important, Newfane provided it this week. Articles were approved on Tuesday extending property tax exemptions to our two volunteer fire departments for another 5 years. The town budget also included a new line item to have the town begin picking up the two departments' annual cost for participation in the Mutual Aid system – costs which previously required extra fundraising efforts by the volunteers.

The following afternoon, firefighters from at least 10 fire departments supported by two other emergency services were fighting a three-alarm fire across the street from our Town Office, some of them remaining there through the entire night.

Seldom have Town Meeting decisions more quickly been proven correct, nor has the work of all our area departments and the Mutual Aid system been more appreciated.

Richard Marek Newfane, March 3