Democratic Party isn't democratic

Editor of the Reformer:

Any Vermont Democratic super delegate who doesn't cast their ballot for Bernie Sanders at the national convention should be dowsed with pure maple syrup, covered in organic chicken feathers and run out of Vermont on a log truck. It is unconscionable that the super crony, dinosaur delegates would betray the will of 86 percent of Vermonters and vote for someone else. Vermont has 16 delegates voted in by real people. With 115,865 votes for Bernie, it took 7,241 people to elect each delegate. Hillary Clinton earned no delegates, because she didn't muster 15 percent of the Vermont vote. Vermont also has seven super delegates. Each one has the equivalent of 7,241 votes by real people. So each one of us who actually cast a ballot has 0.01381 percent of a vote compared to a super delegate. How is that democratic? The Democratic Party isn't democratic at all. It is run by a bunch of establishment politicians who think they are smarter than the real people who elected them in the first place. It is a disgrace.

Douglas S Friant South Londonderry, March 4