You, too, can help eliminate knotweed

Editor of the Reformer:

I am very, very concerned with the overgrowth of the invasive Japanese Knotweed throughout our area. The edges of the roads are just covered. Then the birds eat the berries and continue to spread it. This inhibits the growth of native plants that are needed to support our environment and our wildlife. The long-term consequences are unknown but we know they are not good. It is a tragic development.

Some of us have had success getting rid of this noxious plant by repeated cutting, four to five times each year for several years. Each time it is cut it weakens the roots until, eventually it just gives up.

I am wishing that each landowner who has Japanese Knotweed on their property could undertake this project, cutting the Knotweed four or five times each year, a chore like mowing the lawn, so that we can see this plant recede over time. If the town and state highway departments could join us in this project, we could make some real headway.

For more information, go to the internet and look up Japanese Knotweed or go to

Mary Ellen Copeland, West Dummerston, June 23