Support the Democratic platform

Editor of the Reformer:

Bernie Sanders' candidacy was always a long shot — he wasn't even a member of the party when the race began. As one who contributed more time and money than I thought I could spare to the campaign, I am elated that he got as close as he did. I am even more energized to see how his candidacy has changed the election and the party, and the class of candidates for Senate and House positions across the country. We did this with him. Sec. Clinton has adopted a good part of his platform, and this is the platform that those candidates will support if we can elect them. Even though he is not personally at the head of the Democratic ticket, we need to work just as hard to see that a Democrat will be in the White House for the next four years, with a Senate and House in support of the ideas that have excited us this election season.

Georgia Morgan, Brattleboro, July 14