What ails Roger?

Editor of the Reformer:

The thought of Roger Ailes shuffling around his closed office with his tweeds down by his ankles (metaphorically speaking), chasing a women half his age is enough to make ones head spin, ears wiggle and choke on ones Cheerios. The delicious part of this sad saga is seeing such an arrogant, bombastic person who did so much to destroy a country (Iraq), to finally get his comeuppance — and in spades. As Orville said to his brother Wilbur in Kittyhawk in 1902, "What goes up has to come down," and with Roger it came down with a thud. He can now, with "dignitude," retire to Florida. TV news just won't be the same without Roger. We will miss his gravitas.

John Penford, Brattleboro, July 25