I support Galbraith

Editor of the Reformer:

Of the several fine candidates for Governor, both Democratic and Republican, my vote will certainly be for Peter Galbraith, someone I have known, observed, and admired for many, many years now. Most important for the long-term future of the Vermont we love, Peter has the strongest environmental record and most intelligent environmental aspirations of the several contenders. And Peter's social record and positions — on health care, on education, on wages, and on fiscal policy — could not be better. His personal standards are high, his humanitarian instincts are impeccable, and his breadth of relevant knowledge is awesome. In a nutshell, of all our gubernatorial hopefuls, I am for Peter because his positions are tops for the environment and, overall, closest by far to those of Bernie's — for what more can we ask?

Arthur H. Westing, Putney, July 22