CRP level may determine if you need statin

Q: A news report recently said that statins are under-used. I'm 50 with normal cholesterol. Should I take one just in case?A: Statins, which are a type of cholesterol-lowering medication, have consistently shown benefit in reducing the risk of heart …

Diabetes prevention: YMCA Program to be offered at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

BRATTLEBORO — The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program helps adults at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes reduce their risk for developing the disease by taking steps that will improve their overall health and well-being.The Centers for …

Mindfulness: An effective practice for creating mental wellness

Mindfulness has been gaining in recognition and popularity in the U.S. for the last two decades, and with good reason. A number of leaders in the mental health field have studied the usefulness of mindfulness in creating mental health and in …

Vietnam inspires a healthy chicken salad

Call it a resolution or just a last-minute attempt to button your pants, but come January, many of us strive to put the cookies behind us and make thoughtful food choices. But one sure-fire way to find yourself off track on a healthier eating plan …

'Oxford Companion to Cheese' leaves few holes in story of ancient food

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Cheese is far more than something slapped on a sandwich or sprinkled on top of a pizza, according to a new reference book edited by a Vermont professor.The more than 850 entries in "The Oxford Companion to Cheese," from …

Bruschetta, 3 ways, for a satisfying main dish

There are few dishes more elemental and satisfying than bruschetta. A mainstay at many Italian restaurants, it's an appetizer comprising slices of grilled bread adorned with any number of toppings.I like to make bruschetta on my stovetop grill at …
Time to cut the cord on old electronics

I don't like looking at the three bins in my basement that are overflowing with old electronics, much less touching them. So let me make one thing clear: Do as I say, not as I do.Make a plan to sell, donate or recycle your old electronics now.

Mind your Manners: What should you do when someone passes away? Call, write and show up

Give your appliances some TLC in 2017

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Annual bird counts inventory birds in Berkshire County

In my Dec. 25 column, I was hoping for birds from the far north to invade our area, though thus far I have heard nothing of the usual erratic species that surprise us in large numbers some years and are all but absent others. I anxiously waited …

Stargazer: Sirius - a stunning celestial sparkler

Stargazer: Well, that's a star of a different color!

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