• Business Buzz - 07/21/2014 09:04 PM EDT
    A pox on pax

    07/23/2014 11:34 PM EDT
    It's likely enough that at this very moment, somewhere on earth, a civilian is being slaughtered because of living in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
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    07/22/2014 09:36 PM EDT - Norman, OK. When I was eight or nine years old, in the 50s, there was an uncle in our family who was considered the jokester, always providing entertaining diversions at family events. Full Story

    The girls of Sleepy Hollow
    07/21/2014 10:07 PM EDT - I wasn't afraid of spiders as a little girl, but my older sister loathed them. Full Story

    New carbon rules are a breath of fresh air
    07/20/2014 09:53 PM EDT - The United States is finally poised to take an important step to curb carbon pollution that is contributing to climate disruption across the globe after decades of denial, hand-wringing, foot-dragging and lawsuits. Full Story

    Inevitable consequences
    07/16/2014 11:25 PM EDT - Inevitably, violating principles of sustainable spending has both fiscal and political consequences. Full Story

    Governor, it's time for 'Plan A'
    07/15/2014 09:27 PM EDT - Governor Shumlin, I'll give you credit for raising the discussion of health care to a level not seen before. Full Story

    07/15/2014 09:26 PM EDT - The current state of unofficial war between Israel and Hamas offers observers insight into the nature of the relationship between enemies. Full Story

    We can do more
    07/09/2014 06:48 AM EDT - In a comment in the Reformer June 23 article on dogs left in hot cars, Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark revealed the very essence of a confused and disturbing dilemma facing an increasingly concerned public when they see a dog trapped in a hot car; that is, what is the best thing to do? Full Story

    Neither accusation nor confession
    07/09/2014 06:46 AM EDT - Whether teaching middle school, high school or college, whatever the setting, it is difficult to explain the real reasons for the massive bloodshed in "The Great War." Full Story

    An opportunity for Windham County
    07/08/2014 10:04 PM EDT - Throughout his administration, Gov. Peter Shumlin has focused on ensuring that the economy of Windham County, and that of Vermont as whole, continues to strengthen. Full Story

    Naked thieves take burgers from SW Fla eatery

    BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) — A southwest Florida waitress has dubbed the trio of naked hamburger thieves who broke into an eatery "dumb, dumber and dumbest. Full Story
    More works found at German collector's apartment

    BERLIN (AP) — German authorities say they have found a few more art works at the apartment of the late collector Cornelius Gurlitt, including a sculpture apparently by Edgar Degas and another that could be by Auguste Rodin. Full Story