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    Rep. Carolyn Patridge | Notes from Montpelier: Vermont's Farm to Plate success is gratifying

    02/01/2016 06:06 AM EST
    We recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Farm to Plate Enterprise Initiative (F2P), which brought back memories and gave us many reasons to be optimistic about the future. 
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    David L. Deen | River Currents: Mosquitoes serve a purpose
    02/01/2016 06:07 AM EST - If one were to offer that there was something good about mosquitoes, now would be the time of year to do so since they are not likely to be annoying anyone right now and annoy they do, but like all living things mosquitoes serve valuable functions in the ecosystem. Full Story

    Becca Balint: The Emergency Room on wheels
    01/28/2016 08:42 PM EST - When you work on a rescue squad, you see some unsavory aspects of the human condition. Full Story

    Richard Davis: A bogus budget?
    01/27/2016 09:41 PM EST - Last week Governor Peter Shumlin presented his budget proposal to the legislature. Full Story

    Notes from Montpelier: The Budget Adjustment Act and other challenges
    01/24/2016 09:08 PM EST - Another very busy week transpired at the State House as the Budget Adjustment Act (BAA) was finalized and voted out of the House Appropriations Committee. Full Story

    Davis: Lottery fever
    01/20/2016 08:57 PM EST - It's about dreaming and it's about a perverse kind of hope. Full Story

    Carolyn Partridge | Notes from Montpelier: Legislature addresses Act 46 spending caps
    01/18/2016 06:40 AM EST - This week the State House is abuzz with activity. The two major reasons are the Budget Adjustment Act (BAA) and a House education bill that would increase the per pupil spending caps by . Full Story

    Partridge: Legislators back in the Statehouse
    01/11/2016 08:15 PM EST - The 2016 Legislative Session began on Tuesday, Jan. Full Story

    Cancer: Life's a journey ... and Brattleboro was once part of mine
    01/11/2016 11:26 AM EST - In the fall of 1986, just soon after I got married, I discovered Brattleboro. Full Story

    Becca Balint: Breaking the ice — laughter and connection
    01/08/2016 06:20 AM EST - The 20-something man, svelte and sinewy, stands in his underwear and turns to the camera to strike a few "macho" poses before leaping onto an ice-covered pond. Full Story

    Super Bowl 50: Alyssa Milano, Conan O'Brien top the list at Bleacher Report party

    Actress Alyssa Milano and late-night host Conan O'Brien were among the eclectic list of athletes and media sensations at the Bleacher Ball in San Francisco on Friday night.