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    Leahy: Is 53 years long enough to conclude our Cuba policy has failed?

    12/26/2014 10:16 PM EST
    On Dec. 17, President Obama and President Raul Castro made history. 
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    Flanagan Stover: A town's 'power' should always remain in the 'hands of the many'
    12/26/2014 07:51 PM EST - I am the elected town clerk from the island of Nantucket, Mass. Full Story

    McClaughry: Are you ready for the carbon tax?
    12/25/2014 09:45 PM EST - Single payer health care taxes are gone — for now — but there's another hot idea in Montpelier for a new tax: the carbon tax. Full Story

    'Twas the night before Christmas
    12/23/2014 08:14 PM EST - 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Full Story

    Davis: End of an era
    12/23/2014 07:36 PM EST - BY RICHARD DAVIS It would be easy to blame Governor Peter Shumlin for the demise of Vermont's efforts to enact a single payer system. Full Story

    Balint: Raising a glass to millenials
    12/22/2014 06:18 PM EST - The warm, intimate lanterns drew me in. I strode past the windows of the new Hermit Thrush Brewery on High Street in Brattleboro and glanced furtively inside. Full Story

    Haslam: Moving forward with publicly financed healthcare and a people's economy
    12/21/2014 12:35 PM EST - This week we witnessed Governor Shumlin giving up his role in Vermont's move to universal healthcare, as he caved to pressure from big businesses. Full Story

    Not that single payer has tanked, here is an alternative
    12/19/2014 08:37 PM EST - Governor Shumlin's decision not to proceed with a financing plan is disappointing to the many single payer advocates but should not have been a surprise. Full Story

    Shumlin: Now is not the time for a publicly financed health care system in Vermont
    12/19/2014 12:08 AM EST - I have made one of the most difficult decisions of my public life when I announced that I cannot support a move to a publicly financed health care system in Vermont at this time. Full Story

    Costello: Digital innovation brings new vitality to rural Vermont
    12/17/2014 08:48 PM EST - When we think of Vermont, we picture our beautiful working landscape, our lakes and mountains, and our dynamic community centers. Full Story

    (Emily Amsler/AP)
    Dog not gone: Rescue in the Columbia Gorge

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A yellow Labrador that got spooked on a Christmas Day hike in the Columbia Gorge, snapping her leash and plunging 150 feet down a cliff, was rescued in the dark by a climber who rappelled to a narrow ledge where the dog was trapped. Full Story
    Guitarist doesn't miss day of Vegas Cirque work

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — It's easy to miss Bruce Rickerd during the "Mystere" show at Treasure Island especially when there's a man balancing upside-down on the foot of another, or a giant inflatable snail emerging from the massive moving stage or the gasp-inducing drops from acrobats above. Full Story