• Gronk promises he will play - 09/02/2014 07:11 AM EDT
  • Brattleboro Senior Center - 08/29/2014 09:40 PM EDT
    The century tree and the blooming Bush

    09/01/2014 10:29 PM EDT
    At the University of Michigan, a remarkable 80-year-old American agave plant -a so-called "century plant"--bloomed for the first and last time this summer. 
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    Your doctor ... or their doctor?
    09/01/2014 10:28 PM EDT - Six months ago Gov. Peter Shumlin hailed the state's progress on launching an essential ingredient of single payer health care: Accountable Care Organizations. Full Story

    Passenger pigeon in the Connecticut river valley
    09/01/2014 01:45 AM EDT - The Connecticut River Valley was once home to the passenger pigeon, the most abundant denizen the area has ever known. Full Story

    September is preparedness month
    08/27/2014 10:05 PM EDT - Tropical Storm Irene is three years behind us. Its impact is still being felt by many and will for years to come, but Vermont has come a long way in its recovery and we are thankful for our continuing progress. Full Story

    The tax
    08/26/2014 09:55 PM EDT - As we head into the final lap of the biennial Vermont campaign season there is one topic that is begging for more debate. How should we finance a new single payer health care system? Full Story

    The persistence of memory?
    08/25/2014 10:41 PM EDT - The Volkswagen bus from my childhood was cute, full of charm, and wholly unreliable. Full Story

    Can't afford to care
    08/19/2014 10:45 PM EDT - In the early 20th century the average person lived into their early 40s. Full Story

    Lasting rites
    08/18/2014 11:51 PM EDT - I recently rediscovered "Finding Nemo." We've had an unusually sad stretch of news lately: roiling conflict and bloodshed in Gaza, wholly unnecessary civil war in Ukraine, yet another killing of an unarmed African-American teen, and the heartrending death of one of my favorite comedic actors. Full Story

    Generational differences in how we view sustainability?
    08/17/2014 08:49 PM EDT - The 2009 Bolivian constitution created a sustainable development world model based on the principles of Suma Qamana. Full Story

    Let's stand together
    08/17/2014 08:49 PM EDT - Poll after poll shows that the American people are united in their anger and frustration with the status quo. Full Story

    New England's tallest lighthouse sells for $78,000

    YORK, Maine (AP) — New England's tallest lighthouse has been sold for $78,000. A federal government spokeswoman says the General Services Administration has accepted a bid for the Boon Island Light Station off York, Maine. Full Story
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    'Gone Girl,' 'Unbroken' lead drumbeat of fall

    NEW YORK (AP) — Unable to find her second directing project, Angelina Jolie took to sifting through "generals. Full Story
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    Cee Lo Green makes controversial comments about rape

    Former 'The Voice’ judge deleted Twitter account temporarily after causing stir by suggesting women must be conscious to be raped.