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    Reaching for the stars

    04/19/2014 06:50 AM EDT
    According to the Vermont Department of Labor, the state unemployment rate sits at about 4 percent (February, 2014). 
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    The limits of local control
    04/17/2014 10:31 PM EDT - It seems every district faced sticker shock in looking at local educational spending this year. Full Story

    Change in the air at BMH?
    04/16/2014 11:18 PM EDT - I have not yet met Steve Gordon, the new CEO of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, but after I wrote to him about a problem I had experienced at a BMH physician's practice, the problem got resolved. Full Story

    A warm thank you
    04/15/2014 09:58 PM EDT - The Windham County Heat Fund has completed its ninth year of funneling money from very generous Windham County residents to local people in need of an emergency Band-aid of fuel assistance. Full Story

    Brattleboro's budget deserves your 'vote of confidence'
    04/15/2014 02:00 PM EDT - I feel that I should strongly urge Brattleboro voters to approve the 2014-15 municipal budget in the referendum being held this coming Thursday, April 17. Full Story

    'It ain't the tailor'
    04/15/2014 01:59 PM EDT - There's a story that director and musician Melvin Van Peebles tells about when he first took up running. Full Story

    Raising the minimum wage
    04/13/2014 09:55 PM EDT - This past week, we worked on two wage-related bills in the House - one having to doing with raising the minimum wage, H.552, and the other regarding the prevailing wage, H.878.  Full Story

    What Digital First Media means to our local community
    04/18/2014 02:10 PM EDT - Three years ago, the Brattleboro Reformer became affiliated with a management company by the name of Digital First Media. Full Story

    Legislative update on education
    04/10/2014 10:18 PM EDT - Two weeks ago, the House Education Committee unanimously passed H.883 with a vote of 10-0-1. Full Story

    Vermont joins the war on women
    04/09/2014 10:15 PM EDT - For the past few years, misogyny and antagonism toward women has been breaking out across our country like a rash of festering boils. Full Story

    Going nuts? Turkey looks to pistachios to heat new eco-city

    Pistachios are already a key ingredient in Turkish baklava, but the country may now have found a new way to exploit the nuts known as "green gold" -- by using their shells to heat a new eco-city. Full Story
    (Nathan Denette)
    This GM apologized for cursing out his opponents in front of a large crowd

    TORONTO Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri let loose a profanity about the Brooklyn Nets during a pregame address meant to pump up a group of fans outside Air Canada Centre before Saturday's opening game of the NBA playoffs. Several hundred fans gathered outside the Full Story
    (Chris Pizzello)
    Lindsay Lohan reveals she suffered a miscarriage

    The 27-year-old actress made the disclosure during Sunday's final episode of "Lindsay," the OWN cable channel series. Full Story