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    Reed: Racial justice and gubernatorial primary candidates

    07/28/2016 10:04 PM EDT
    On July 8 the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity requested gubernatorial primary candidates respond to our eight questions on racial disparities in Vermont. 
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    Davis: Voting for governor
    07/27/2016 09:26 PM EDT - Vermont's primary is August 9. If history is any indication, a small percentage of voters will decide the two candidates at the top of the ticket for governor as well as all the other seats up for grabs. Full Story

    McClaughry: Do two-thirds of Vermonters want a carbon tax?
    07/19/2016 09:52 PM EDT - On July 7 Energy Independent Vermont, the coalition of environmental groups headed by the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, announced the findings of its statewide poll on its proposal for a Vermont carbon tax. Full Story

    Namaya: As a white guy, how does racism affect my life?
    07/18/2016 09:28 PM EDT - I'm a white, middle-class, middle-aged man with more than a few dollars in the bank. Full Story

    Brattleboro police chief commends Black Lives Matter protestors
    07/18/2016 06:41 AM EDT - I wanted to take this opportunity to make a few comments about the recent Black Lives Matter March that was held in Brattleboro on July 13. Full Story

    Another view: Access to affordable high quality early care is preventive medicine
    07/14/2016 09:22 PM EDT - As I look back on the various clinical and administrative positions I have held in the field of mental health and addiction in my nearly 30 year career, I have always considered my work with children and adolescents to be among the most rewarding. Full Story

    Curtiss Reed: Action, not anguish
    07/14/2016 09:22 PM EDT - As you anguish over recent events in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas, let me be blunt: The prospect of state-sponsored violence against black and brown people by law enforcement in Vermont looms ever present. Full Story

    Davis: The death of a sport
    07/13/2016 09:25 PM EDT - Over the past few years I started to notice that the number of in-line skaters, a. Full Story

    Another view: It's time for candidates to debate Social Security
    07/12/2016 10:06 PM EDT - You wouldn't know it from most news coverage, but voters really do want presidential candidates to lay out their plans to keep Social Security financially sound for future generations. Full Story

    Richard Davis: A crisis without a fix
    07/06/2016 09:15 PM EDT - When a crisis appears to only affect a small number of people and when those people are among the most disenfranchised among, us guess how fast that crisis is dealt with? Full Story