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    Namaya: A conspiracy of kindness

    07/01/2016 08:41 PM EDT
    In the past few months we had traveled to the Dominican Republic for our community development projects, then on to Sicily, Malta, Algeria, Morocco, Wales, and England. 
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    Local heroes: A special group of nurses
    07/01/2016 12:10 AM EDT - While all nurses are heroes for the caring work they do, the Women's Freedom Center would like to give some well-deserved public recognition to a specially trained few: those who step up to care for victims, and gather forensic evidence, after a sexual assault. Full Story

    Richard Davis: empathy
    06/29/2016 09:46 PM EDT - There are times in your life when you are forced to reflect on weighty issues such as mortality, suffering and the effects of aging. Full Story

    Condos: The cornerstone of government transparency
    06/22/2016 06:23 AM EDT - Records management is not exactly an exciting topic, but when a particular record is the focus of a request or controversy, it becomes critically important in that moment. Full Story

    Commentary: On democracy and Act 46
    06/20/2016 09:51 PM EDT - Does a democratic system rooted in civic participation with strong elected leadership and well-qualified, competent professional management benefit society and the taxpayers who fund it? Full Story

    Davis: What's next for Bernie?
    06/15/2016 10:12 PM EDT - Bernie Sanders cannot and will not quietly slip back into his seat in the U. Full Story

    Act 46: Time to press the pause button
    06/15/2016 07:25 AM EDT - The Vermont state motto, Freedom and Unity, is synonymous with how Vermont's rural towns and communities operate. Full Story

    Act 46: What's the advantage to merging districts?
    06/15/2016 07:27 AM EDT - Somehow lost in the discussion of Act 46 is the question of what are the real benefits of district mergers and what are the costs? Full Story

    McClaughry: Making sense of the climate change battle
    06/09/2016 09:18 PM EDT - Citizens without a physical science background naturally find it hard to know what to believe about the claims put forth by those who believe in a coming human-caused climate catastrophe. Full Story

    Davis: Rethinking weight
    06/08/2016 09:32 PM EDT - The time has come for the world to re-think how it looks at ideal body weight. Full Story