• Business Briefs - 03/06/2015 07:45 PM EST
    Shumlin: An economy for all Vermonters

    03/25/2015 09:36 PM EDT
    This week, the Vermont Department of Labor released revised calendar year 2014 data. 
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    Davis: The gray zone
    03/24/2015 07:56 PM EDT - One of the most difficult and agonizing responsibilities that a person can assume is that of being a health care agent for a terminally ill person who cannot speak for themselves. Full Story

    Balint: Loretta Lynch and memories of Anita Hill
    03/23/2015 08:49 PM EDT - I generally am not one to hold a grudge. Rancor is unproductive and occupies room in my personality better given to more positive, hopeful emotions. Full Story

    Notes from Montpelier: Legislature hears testimony on turnips, pesticides and raw milk
    03/22/2015 08:05 PM EDT - The pace at the State House continues to be hectic as we approach the crossover deadline for money committee action. Full Story

    Early childhood day in Montpelier
    03/20/2015 07:35 PM EDT - MONTPELIER >> Early childhood advocates from across Vermont gathered at the statehouse March 11 to celebrate progress made in the last year to improve the quality of early childhood programs while also highlighting the need to increase affordability. Full Story

    Leahy: Building a stronger democracy through government transparency
    03/18/2015 07:49 PM EDT - Sunshine Week is a time to celebrate one of our nation's most basic values, the public's "right to know. Full Story

    Davis: In sore need of meaningful and relevant change
    03/17/2015 08:51 PM EDT - Americans are generally sensible people. When they are doing something that doesn't work they try to find solutions that do work. Full Story

    Balint: Who are your loopers?
    03/16/2015 08:32 PM EDT - You wouldn't enjoy a Hollywood movie without them, but you probably never notice their contributions. Full Story

    Notes from Montpelier:
    03/15/2015 09:43 PM EDT - This week was crossover so the activity level at the State House was hectic. Full Story

    Education Matters: The lure of the mountain
    03/13/2015 07:58 PM EDT - By Jill Stahl Tyler They struggle from bed, bleary-eyed and slow-moving. Full Story

    (Charles Sykes/Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
    'Fifty Shades' director Taylor-Johnson bows out of franchise

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sam Taylor-Johnson will not be returning to direct the sequels to "Fifty Shades of Grey," she announced Wednesday night. Full Story