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    Davis: President Bernie?

    05/05/2015 12:03 PM EDT
    Imagine having a U.S. president that everyone referred to by his first name. 
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    Notes from Montpelier:
    05/03/2015 08:14 PM EDT - Well, it has finally happened! Spring has come to Montpelier! Full Story

    DeWalt: Don't use the First Amendment to divide Vermonters
    04/30/2015 10:07 PM EDT - The Legislature's decision to consider ending parents' rights to a philosophical exemption from immunizations raises some interesting questions about religion. Full Story

    Davis: Insulin hostages
    04/28/2015 08:56 PM EDT - In 1921 two Canadians, Banting and Best, developed a method to extract insulin so that diabetics who could not make or utilize their own insulin could lead nearly normal lives. Full Story

    Balint: A friendship forged over a fence
    04/27/2015 08:27 PM EDT - After a week of emotional conversations about vaccines, wealth disparity, and the future of education governance in Vermont, a colleague tearfully spoke on the senate floor. Full Story

    Notes from Montpelier: Balancing the needs of working Vermonters with small business
    04/26/2015 10:04 PM EDT - I would like to report that spring is getting to Montpelier but aside from the tulips reluctantly popping their leaves up in the shelter of the State House, it's hard to see. Full Story

    Sterrett: Vermonters should innovate with its federal health care dollars
    04/24/2015 02:12 PM EDT - By Dave Sterrett, Esq. Vermont, like most other states, is struggling with how to pay for ever-increasing health care costs. Full Story

    Pay as you throw comes to Brattleboro
    04/23/2015 07:50 PM EDT - Pay-as-you-throw garbage disposal will start in Brattleboro just over two months from now, on Monday, June 29. Full Story

    White: News from the Vermont Senate
    04/22/2015 08:01 PM EDT - Crossover is when all bills originating in the Senate have to be passed out of committee in order to give the House time to work on them and vice versa. Full Story

    Davis: The sausage machine
    04/22/2015 12:31 AM EDT - The Vermont legislative sausage machine has come to a grinding halt as far as bill H. Full Story

    3 accused of operating fictitious police department

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three people, including an aide to the California attorney general, were arrested on suspicion of operating a fictitious police department that claimed jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico and says it has existed for 3,000 years, authorities said. Full Story
    (Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/AP)
    Review: Despite fine acting, 'The D Train' is off track

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The problem with "The D Train" isn't the performances. Jack Black, James Marsden, Kathryn Hahn and Jeffrey Tambor are wonderful in their respective roles. Full Story