The 77th annual Reformer Christmas Stocking is under way with this year’s goal set at $90,000.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All contributions will be listed daily in the Reformer as requested by the donor. Contributions may also be read on the Reformer website at A form may be found in the paper each day and on our website.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, and the form, may be sent to: Reformer Christmas Stocking, P.O. Box 703, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0703.

Donors may use their credit cards on PayPal for contributions by visiting Type how you would like your donation to be listed in the Reformer in the "Purpose" line.

Contributions may also be brought to the Reformer office at 62 Black Mountain Road on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Wishing our families in Italy a most joyous Christmas. Betty and Corky, $100.

In memory of the deceased members of the Clarke, Roberts, Castine and Brown Families. Wally and Karen Roberts, $100.

In memory of A.J. Revilla. Chuck Cummings, $20.

In loving memory of my wife, Linda Damon. Chris, $50.

In memory of my Mother and Father. Howard Piette, $10.

To My Mom and Dad. We love you and miss you. Linda and Tammie, $20.

In loving memory of my husband, Richard Derosia. Merle Derosia, $20.

In loving memory of our niece, Angela Derosia. Merle Derosia, $20.

In loving memory of Mother, Dad, Brothers and Sister, $20.

In loving memory of my husband Victor Derosia and son Larry Derosia. Barbara Derosia, $20.

In loving memory of our father Victor Derosia and brother Larry Derosia. Stephen Derosia, Nancy Derosia, Victor Derosia, Mary Chism, $20.

To honor: Karen Gustafson. Love, Thom & Gregg, $100.

Remembering Pete Davidson with so much love, Mom and Dad, $200.

In loving memory of Deb Smith. Betsy, $50.

In memory of Sheila Prouty. Brattleboro HCRS, $60.

In loving memory of Clayton and Hazel and Mabel Beliveau, Barbara Beliveau, James and Helen, Betty, James and Kay, John and Olive McDonald and Helen Taraska. Bob and Shirley McDonald, $25.

Merry Christmas. Huntly and Rich Hashagen, $100.

"Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!" Skip and Bonnie Amidon, $20.

David and Ty -- It has been a long time, but you are always with us in our hearts and thoughts. Love you, miss you. Mom and Dad, $20.

To the Reformer Christmas Stocking from Jim’s Mountain, $10.

In memory of our departed sisters. Ladies Auxiliary VFW 1034, $100.

In memory of Harriet and Rudy, Lorraine and Zowie, and Isaac Lars, $100.

To All, Peace, Harmony and Love. Barbara Goldman, $20.

In memory of Alta Revilla. Mary Van Iderstine, $10.

Lee and Byron Stookey, $100.

To keep them warm. Mayflower Chapter #19 O.E.S., $50.

Anonymous, $350.

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings. American Legion Post #16, West River Valley and Ladies Auxiliary, $100.

In memory of our grandparents, Simon and Dorothy Garrity and Edwin and Marie Fletcher, $20.

Anonymous, $50.

In memory of Peter and Florence Sullivan. Blessing to all. Kay Sullivan Davis, $35.

In loving memory of my husband, Wes. Edie, $25.

To our children and grandchildren with gratitude and love for the joy they bring to us. Ina and Phil Feidelseit, $350.

In loving memory of Jeff. Bob and Shirley King, $40.

To all the children. Joanne, Stefanie, Andrew Hayes, $100.

Happy Holidays. Bob, Sen and Kai-ming, $100.

For Marge. Bill Callahan, $100.

Anonymous, $200.

In loving memory of Fred Picker. Toby Young, $100.

In loving memory of John. Elizabeth, $25.

Anonymous, $100.

Anonymous, $50.

Today: $ 3,110.00

Previous: $13,303.00

Total to Date: $16,413.00