DOVER -- In an effort to expand the Valley Trail, the town is looking into obtaining permission from landowners through easements.

The expansion known as "Valley Trail A" will go from Tollgate Village up to where the paved portion, or "Valley Trail B," already exists. It would be a 2,700 feet extension.

After explaining a grant that could be available, Dover Economic Development Specialist Ken Black spoke of where the plans for the trail were at.

"Currently, there are no approved easements," said Black. "Each one is a separate negotiation."

On Dec. 3, the Dover Selectboard gave Black permission to begin the easement process, which will require permission from seven different landowners. Two of those easements would be temporary, meaning the land may or may not be used during future construction.

Black was not sure when initial plans for the trail date back to. A previous grant had been issued to the town for the Valley Trail on Nov. 7, 2012.

The potential grant for future trail development is still an option, he says.

It is an enhancement grant available through the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Inquiries are still being made by Black regarding all of its details.

"I'm considering all my possibilities right now," he said. "I'm trying to get all the ducks aligned in a row and see where we're headed relative to easements."

On Dec. 9, Black told the Reformer that he already has started speaking with some of the various landowners. He is waiting on a description from an engineer assisting with planning the project that will include exact locations and sizes for the easements.

"It's a big project," continued Black. "It would look really nice when it's all done."

Local resident and business owner Adam Levine recalled the development of "Valley Trail B" and the process including a project manager.

In Black's recalling of the potential grant documents, he said a bid would be put out for a general contractor, who would then hire subcontractors. The town would then be required by the rules of the grant to go with the lowest bids.

"It could be done by next year, believe it or not," said Black at the board meeting. "Things would have to work pretty quickly."

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