JAMAICA -- The town has received a grant to solve the problem of non-drinkable water at Town Hall.

Jamaica Selectboard member Judy Flower announced that the Vermont Community Foundation had sent the town a check for $3,721 to assist with cost of installing a new water system. It had been through a discretionary grant in response to Flower’s application.

On Dec. 9, she gave Selectboard Chairwoman Lexa Clark the paperwork to sign off on the funding, but her work is not yet finished. A representative from the state’s Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division had written a letter expressing concern over the project. In it, the representative said a permit may be required before installation. The letter had an error, however. It said Jamaica Town Offices rather than Town Hall. But Steve Clark, who is assisting Flower in the project, had verified that its author meant for it to say Town Hall.

"I think it’s great to get off that shallow water system," the letter stated. "You might need a permit before installation ... It might be good to have an authorized design in hand before going to bid."

The concern has to do with leech fields found in land near wells that serve buildings and homes in town.

"The Town Offices is right next to that problem," said Selectboard member Lou Bruso. "Town Hall is a fair amount of distance from the problem."

Flower plans to find out whether a permit or engineering report is needed. She will ask for price estimates to see if the board is required to put the project out to bid.

"They may not know it’s not a septic system," said Clark.

Bruso recalled a recent bridge project and suggested that a similar process could be considered for the Town Hall water system.

"We had the construction company engineer do a design build for us," he said. "If we ask them to (only) design ... then we’d have to bid again."

Bruso mentioned using a design as a basis for a permit application.

According to Flower, the current project description includes a six inch well hole and well casing, chlorination, a submersible pump and a state of Vermont identification tag.

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