BRATTLEBORO -- The town's highway crew is gearing up for what could be the first big snow storm of the 2013/2014 winter.

"We're making sure all the equipment will be available," said Steve Barrett, director of Brattleboro's Department of Public Works.

Accuweather is predicting anywhere between six and 12 inches of snow starting late Saturday and into Sunday, though actual snowfalls will depend on how the storm tracks, said Tom Kines, Accuweather meteorologist. He said despite how much falls, it will be light and fluffy.

"It should be easy to get rid of," said Kines. "It should be perfect for skiing and shoveling."

That should make Brattleboro's road crew, and others around the region, if not happy, at least a little relieved. Especially if you consider Kines doesn't expect any changeover to rain or freezing rain to occur.

However, he said, expect temperatures to drop to close to zero on Sunday and Monday nights.

"It's going to be on the cold side," said Kines. "Saturday in the teens and Sunday in the mid-20s."

Whether we will see a white Christmas "Remains to be seen," said Kines. "But the odds favor it."

Barrett told the Reformer that his crews have been busy lately, salting and sanding roads, and that included Friday morning.

"The temperatures have certainly turned," he said.

Brattleboro's highway crew has 12 members, said Barrett, who can respond to any weather emergency. One person will be on call over the weekend to keep an eye on conditions and notify the rest of the crew when they are needed.

"All of those people have different assignments with multiple plow routes," said Barrett. "But the priority is to begin with the main thoroughfares and then the areas of intersections and roads with hills."

He said having a snowstorm overnight on a weekend is almost perfect for his highway crew.

"There's less traffic and fewer parked cars in our way. We can get out jobs done more quickly."

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