The 77th annual Reformer Christmas Stocking received $2,387.21 on Friday, bringing the total so far up to $52,608.51. This year’s goal is set at $90,000.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All contributions will be listed daily in the Reformer as requested by the donor. Contributions may also be read on the Reformer website at A form may be found in the paper each day and on our website.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, and the form, may be sent to: Reformer Christmas Stocking, P.O. Box 703, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0703.

Donors may use their credit cards on PayPal for contributions by visiting Type how you would like your donation to be listed in the Reformer in the "Purpose" line.

Contributions may also be brought to the Reformer office at 62 Black Mountain Road on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


In memory of our very dear Fleming Oil friends, gone but not forgotten -- Barb Fleming, Eric Marine, Ken Shield, Diane Buraczynski, John Doucette, Max Huestis, Chris Woodward, Mark Wallace and Paul Shield. From Nancy, Claire, Kathy, Russ, Marty L. and Stu, $30.

In memory of our Dad, Don Elliott. Peggy and Roger Hanson, Cecilia and Tom Dahoda, $100.

Merry Christmas from the caring Vermont Yankee Employees, $587.21.

In memory of our mother, Alice Covey, our fathers, Raymond Covey Sr. and Russell Young, and our brothers, Bernard Scott, Raymond Covey Jr., Stephen Young, and Baby Russell. Ron and Judy, $50.

Merry Christmas to family and friends! Lori Miller, $25.

In loving memory of our son, Tyler, and our parents, Frank and Peg Miller. Jack and Debra Chapman, $50.

In loving memory of Clarence and Cynthia Fairchild. Peter Martyn and Jackie Billings, $50.

In memory of our daughter, Laura Roberts. Miss you and love you so much. Love, Mom and Pops, $25.

In loving memory of Leon and Eunice Thayer, Douglas Thayer, and Elizabeth Harris. Edward Harris, $30.

Virginia Bunker, $10.

In memory of: Francis Momaney, Skip Raithel, Alan Eames, Edmund and Ralph Momaney, Jimmy Evans and many who have passed on. Jean, $20.

In memory of: Barbara Wilson, Luna Howe, Betty Teeson, Alice Sand, Marie Glabach, Mary Ann Worden and Barbara Fisher. The Stitch and Bitch Group, $43.

In loving memory of our daughter Kelsey Wells, and Kevin Squires. Always in our hearts. Mom, Dad and Kyle, $20.

In loving memory of our parents, Don and June Welk, and their friends, Bob and Catherine Emond, Joe and Sandy Dyer, Carrol Wheeler. Ron, Sue and Kyle, $20.

To the students of Green Street School. We love teaching you! The Green Street School Staff, $232.

In memory of Poppies, Baby Paulie, and Grammsy from their loving family, $25.

Giving thanks for family and friends! Bob and Judy Walker, $25.

In loving memory of my wife Lucille and my son Gary. Millard Martin, $25.

In memory of past faithful members. First Baptist Church Women’s Society, $25.

In loving memory of my husband, Robert may Sr., and my son, Robert "Chip" May Jr. Miss you so much. Beverly May, $25.

In memory of Edna Douglas. The Douglas Family, $75.

In memory of Frank Smith. Leslie and John Markey, $25.

In memory of Rudi and Irene Serkin. Neil and Betsy, $25.

For all the lovely Brattleboro children. Chaudhri Family, $25.

In memory of baby AJ. Grandpa and Grandma Kurpiewski, $20.

In appreciation of our director, Kathy Dowd. From the staff at the Guilford Welcome Center, $60.

In loving memory of Aunts Helen and Uncle John. Jack and Peg, $50.

In memory of Judy Flynn. Nelson and Donna, $50.

In honor of my Mom who loves Christmas. Linda, $30.

In lieu of cards, Best Wishes to all for the holiday season. Mindel and Morse Builders, $150.

In loving memory of Mary and Keith, Richard and Dad. Happy holidays to all our friends and neighbors. Sallie, Lisa and Suzi May, $35.

In memory of Mary and Hans Meyer. Meyer Family, $50.

In loving memory of Joe and Grace Austin. Jean, Elaine, Larry and Carol, $50.

In memory of Webster Johnson and Mary Nesbitt from Meyer Family, $50.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year 2014 to all of our friends and neighbors, in lieu of Christmas cards. Bless all the children: Keep them warm!! T. Howard and Etta S. Mattison, $25.

In memory of all our loved ones! George A. and Elizabeth R. Wright, $50.

In memory of my mother at Christmas. Marcia Hamilton, $100.

In loving memory of Joyce. Richard, $75.

In memory of Frank Smith WW II 10th Mt. Division. He braved the severe weather training at Camp Hale. He was in action on Mt. Belvediere Italy to help turn the tide of war. From Friend Richard, $25.

Today: $ 2,387.21

Previous: $50,221.30

Total to Date: $52,608.51