The 77th annual Reformer Christmas Stocking made a giant leap toward its goal of $90,000 with Monday's donations totaling $22,140.50.

With donations from the G.S. Precision employees, the Rasheds from their Christmas tree sales, the Windham Wheelmen and many, many other caring donors, the total collected stands at $76,712.46.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All contributions will continue to be listed daily in the Reformer as requested by the donor. Contributions may also be read on the Reformer website at A form may be found in the paper each day and on our website.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, and the form, may be sent to: Reformer Christmas Stocking, P.O. Box 703, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0703.

Donors may use their credit cards on PayPal for contributions by visiting Type how you would like your donation to be listed in the Reformer in the "Purpose" line.

Contributions may also be brought to the Reformer office at 62 Black Mountain Road on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Merry Christmas, Daddy. Love, Karin, $20.

The Rutland Herald offers warm wishes to our Reformer colleagues! $50.

Peace on Earth, and of mind! Vermont Insight Meditation Center (, $50.

Without Betty Elwell as our star, Brattleboro Goes Fourth's Third Annual Community Celebrity Pillow Fight had to supplement this donation with a deposit bottle drive, $50.

Anonymous, $35.

In loving memory of Chichita. We love and miss you every day. Love, Elena, Alyssa and Ann Newsmith, $50.

Merry Christmas. Wendy, Buddy and Bear, $30.

From The Windham Wheelmen: Jesse, Ellen, Tammy, Chris C., Sandy G., Andy, Hank & Diana, Barbara, Nancy J., Steve S., Fred, Nick, Joyce, John B., Carl & Pam, Stephan, Peter & Ann, Max, Paul R., John D., Malcolm, Bob & Janis, Brad D., Tim & Cathy, Mark & Terri, Nancy H., Pat L., Jeremy, and Woody, $2,025.

In memory of Gil Lauzon, Gramp and Gram Pratt and Henry Martin. David, $25.

In memory of Betty-Jo Baily and Joanne Touchette. Annie, Patty, and Wendy, $25.

In loving memory of our Grandson Dana, 5-11-85, from Mimi and Papa. In loving memory of our dear son "Hank," 5-22-13. We all miss you very much, but the pain is gone! We will all meet again one day -- Your Loving Family, Mom and Dad, $25.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The Employees of G.S. Precision, $9,504.50.

In memory of Grandma Bos, $100.

In memory of Mom, Dad and loved ones past. Ellis, Rosie and Robin, $25.

In memory of Bev Lasher, loving mother and grandmother. $100.

In loving memory of my Dad, Joe Hamilton, and in honor of my Mom, Ellen Hamilton. Lynette, $100.

In memory of Grandpa Martel and Grandma and Grandpa Bengtson. Angie & Jeffrey, $100.

In memory of my dear Mom and Family Members Past. Ellis, Rosie and Robin, $25.

In memory of Theresa Toney, who loved the children -- AM/JM, $15.

In loving memory of my daughter, Marilyn Delano Lewis. Bertha Delano, $25.

In loving memory of my husband and our daughter. Dot, $50.

Merry Christmad. Will and Lill Griffin, $25.

In loving memory of Francis Lane. $25.

To the Amazing Staff of Holton Home with thanks for being so wonderful. Cindy Jerome, $125.

In memory of Frank Potvin. The Potvin Family, $50.

In memory of Mary Jarvis Potvin. Always with me. Charlie, $50.

To the staff at Wardsboro Elementary School. Curtis, Brett, Nate and Family, $25.

From Amad, Kat, Saleh, Tarique, and Ennis Rashed. With lots of love and well wishes for all. To Everyone: Thank you for helping us help others. 100 percent of profits from Brattleboro Reformer Christmas Stocking Tree Sales, Dec. 2012. $4,786.

In memory of our valued friends and customers. Merton Coleman, Gil Parker, Ann Knickerbocker, Brenda Powell, Phil Moran, Dorothy Van Hall, George Denault, Davis Spencer, Kendall Morse, Gladys Kennery, Forrest Teeson, Harry Murdock, Jim Oakes, Helen Orfanidis, Charles Edson, Lee Brennan, Everett Childs, Rick Sherwin, Ken Brandt, Nancy Gallo, Ray Prodouz, Joe Parker, Muriel Elkins, Frank Lesch, Dave Barnett, Jim Brooks, Hank Smith, Denny Roth, Dave Thompson, Dave Hiner, Gerry James, Gary Martin, Tom Wolk, Jim Plummer, Jim Lepisto, Bob Chapman, Burt Roberts, Norm Rogers, Francis Juraszek, Tom Todd, Bob Gannett, Ron Torrey, Mayda Berg, Sue Howe, Ernie Rueter, Dick Wooten, Aaron Struthers, and any others we may have left out. From Your Friends at Brattleboro Tire, $250.

John and Mary Penfield, $100.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck in the New Year! The Sutton/Smith Family, $100.

In loving memory of Helen Moynihan who helped children and their families. Kathy Lapan and Amy Johndrow, $25.

In memory of Bud and Theresa Rinfret, $30.

In loving memory of Tim, whose spirit lives on, and sustains us. Mom, Dad, Pamela, Rick and Chris. $100.

Anonymous, $500.

In honor of the Christmas Stocking team. Betsy Swift, $50.

To my loving parents, Timothy J. Ryan and Rose Ryan. Timothy J. Ryan Jr., $50.

In honor of Emma Suzanne and Hanna Jane Petty for the light and love that they have brought to our lives. And remembering their Grammy Nancy Bevis and Great Grampa Clayton Cutting. Missy Snow and family, $75.

To Our Residents and Program Participants -- Happy Holidays. Brattleboro Housing Authority Commissioners and Staff, $50.

To All Brattleboro Town Employees and Service Providers -- Thank you for all you do! Brattleboro Housing Authority Commissioners & Staff. $50.

In heartfelt memory of Frank and Louise Lesch and Jane Worden. Love from Beck's Studio Hair Design, $50.

In loving memory of Non. Lillie, Sohie, Mark and Henry, $100.

Guilford Fire Department Auxiliary, $50.

The Oak Grove School Staff, $160.

In loving memory of Lewis and Elsie Corse. Wayne Corse and Jenn Herrick, $200.

In honor of our wonderful family: Chris, Theresa, Koty and Rebecca, Nick, Jaya an Desma. The best presents are around the tree, not under it! Russ and Grace Ellis, $50.

Remembering Carl, Lyndon, Patti's Dad & John's Dad & Mother. The Cheslawski Family -- John, Patti, Dan, Jess, Sadie, Soren, Joe, Caitlin, Victoria & Steve, $100.

In memory of my hero, my dad, Howard Bartlett. Wendy Bartlett Brown, $100.

In loving memory of Dad, Bud Parsons, and brother, Ronnie Worden. Kim and Larry, $25.

Merry Christmas. Gordon and Linda, $30.

In honor Dr. "Artie" Carrasquillo. Linda and Bill Bed, $100.

To the children from the Annual Christmas Tea, $50.

In memory of Alan Young-Bryant. Love, Diane and Joyce, $50.

Because my 2 "boys," Gene and Seamus keep my heart and home warm. $25.

With love and pride for our amazing grandchildren: Adi, Brendan, Patrick, Sam, Becky, Lilly, Bridget, Emma, Lucy, Aubrey, Lydia and little Hazel. Love, Grammy and Dawmpy, $25.

Merry Christmas to all. Jon and Kathy Thatcher, $50.

In memory of loved ones lost -- Sandie, $25.

The Morrissettes, $100.

In memory of Rose Kagan and Jean Holhut. Joyce and Randy, $50.

In memory of our dear sister Jeanne, we miss you. Love, Joanne and Jackie, $50.

From Bob & Ruth, $100.

In memory of Elvira Aiken and Shirley Franklin who loved chidren and Christmas. Stan and Holly, $25.

Pat, Annie and Jean-Christophe, $50.

In memory of Mom, Dad, Herb, Aunt Kate, Uncle Paul, Uncle Frank, and Helen, $200.

In loving memory of our wonderful son, Jimmy. The holidays will never be the same without you and your wonderful SMILE -- Love, Mom & Dad, $50.

Merry Christmas Ed Leclaire, from Brian, $40.

In honor of Dorothy Maggio and Marion Scherer. Theresa Maggio, $25.

If you see Joshua London, ask him about his great achievement at Cozumel. He's an Ironman! Love Jack & Julie, $250.

Three girls in Dobbs Ferry, $50.

In loving memory of Grandma, Po, Gran and Richard, Sally, Billy, Genevieve and Salty, $150.

In loving memory of our father, Art Martel, who we all greatly miss. From Debbie, Timmy, Pammy, Kenny, Kathy, Gina and Lynn, $100.

In loving memory of Joseph Manning, Edward Manning, David Manning, Skipper Manning, Merle Jeffrey, Lil Jeffrey, Adrian Rice, Ruth Lunge, Nina Martin, Esther Derosia, Christine Rudolph, Sam Henry, Rich Fisher. Always in our thoughts. Arlo and Joyce Manning, $25.

Anonymous, $100.

In honor of NEYT for keeping our town joyously warm with theater for all! Laura Lawson Tucker, $25.

In loving memory of our parents, Earl & Daisy Barrows and Kustas & Efi Sofouris. Steve and Vicky Barrows, $50.

In memory of Hunter Leclaire who loved children, especially if they had a dog biscuit for him -- Ruff. Deb T., $25.

Remembering AHC with love, JCC, RHC, PNC, and CRC, $100.

Merry Christmas Everybody! Matt and Bud Skove, $50.

For the kids! Katie Skove, $50.

Merry Christmas to the kindest, most loving, Great Grandfather EVER! Helper Ben, $5.

In loving memory of my mother, Joyce Hamilton, and in honor of the World's Greatest Father, Richard Hamilton. Merry Christmas, Becky, $25.

In loving memory of Mom, Dad, Angie, Frenchie, Uncle Wilfred, Roger and Jo. Always missed but more so at this time of year when family traditions are all around us. Also, in memory of Catherine, Gloria and all the other "extra" wonderful parents from back in the days when we all spent time in each others' homes. $50.

Merry Christmas, in lieu of cards, to all our friends and family, from Raymond, Patty & Libby. $50.

Happy Holidays to all from Ray Fortier's Auto Body, Inc. $100.

In loving memory of Jo and Joanne, from Annie, Wendy & Patty. $20.

In memory of Kyle Gilbert. Johnny Green, $10.

Anonymous, $25.

In memory of Bill and Genevieve Powers, our grandparents, and Mason, the best dog in the country. Deb and Stan Powers, $100.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night! $5.

Today: $22,140.50

Previous: $54,571.96

Total to Date: $76,712.46