On Christmas Eve the 77th annual Reformer Christmas Stocking received $2,440 in donations. With the goal of $90,000 within sight, the amount received so far is $79,152.46.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All contributions will continue to be listed daily in the Reformer as requested by the donor. Contributions may also be read on the Reformer website at www.reformer.com. A form may be found in the paper each day and on our website.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, and the form, may be sent to: Reformer Christmas Stocking, P.O. Box 703, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0703.

Donors may use their credit cards on PayPal for contributions by visiting www.reformer.com/christmasstocking. Type how you would like your donation to be listed in the Reformer in the "Purpose" line.

Contributions may also be brought to the Reformer office at 62 Black Mountain Road on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


In honor of all children everywhere. Mike and Judie Jerald, $200.

In loving memory of my wife, Jane, and best friend for sixty years. Bill, $100.

In memory of Mugs, DB and Fred. Steve and Erika, $100.

In loving memory of our parents, Jeff Clark and Grace Karstad. Jenny Karstad and Jodi Clark, $50.

May the light shine within all. Jan Ameen and Catherine Audette, $50.

To keep the children warm. $150.

In memory of Uncle Darrell. Colby, Silas & Tyson, $15.

To Warm Happy Children. Michael, Hannah, Georgia Hornsby, $100.

Remembering Henry. Janet, Jane, and Adam, $300.

To help keep warm all the little hands and feet. Matthew and Lucy Tell, $50.

Peace to both our families. Naomi and Michael, $40.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and loved ones. Bill and Connie Alexander, $25.

For Mom who loves Christmas. Sanna, $50.

In honor of the Staff at Vernon Green for the care given to my Dad, "Donald." Martha Momaney, $25.

In memory of Willie Stockwell and Frank Momaney. Martha and Mitch Momaney, $25.

Anonymous, $100.

Margaret Tiffany, $25.

In loving memory of Grandma and Grandpa Jahn. Bill, Lena, Kalle, and Linnea, $50.

In memory of our parents: George and Rose Corey, George and Ruth Kittell. David and Joanne Corey, $200.

To keep the children warm. The Eastwoods, $200.

In loving memory of Richard and Marjorie Streeter, Arnold, Dennis and Lillian Bailey. We miss you all. Wayne and Dixie and Family, $25.

HSP Nature Toys, Brookline, $25.

In memory of NELA, NAA, MLO and VJO. Nancy and Victor, $50.

In honor of my Mom who taught by her example! Billie, $25.

Gratitude for support of MOAS. Meg, $50.

In lieu of Christmas cards. Happy Holiday. Arlene and Ted, $40.

Light a Candle in Honor of Jimmy Evans, Shine Brightly Dear Nephew, missing you deeply, forever in our hearts, Sue and Mike, $50.

In memory of Sarg -- Missing you, Mike and Sue, $50.

In honor of Art Greenbaum and all that he does for our community. From Alan and Judith, $50.

Happy Holidays! Norm Hoden Painting, Family and Employees, $50.

In loving memory of Guy and Ione Brunton and in honor of their great-grandson, Jackson Guy Lynde. $50.

Merry Christmas in lieu of Christmas cards for family and friends. Martha Ann Wells, $10.

In loving memory of Stuart and Ann Wells, my wonderful parents. Martha Ann Wells, $10.

In Memory of Jonesy From Buck, $50.

In loving memory of Nana. Who prayed every child could be safe & warm. Forever in our hearts. The Freeman Family, $25.

In memory of Angie Cheney and her love of Christmas .... Jim and Angie, $25.

Today: $ 2,440.00

Previous: $76,712.46

Total to Date: $79,152.46