DOVER -- The Deerfield Valley seemed to settle down briefly after a chaotic holiday season, if only for a couple days. The roads were visibly less crammed with vehicles heading to and from the ski resorts.

"It was good to see business back," said West Dover Inn owner Phil Gilpin. "There was a lot of catching up from the fall to Christmas."

On Jan. 2, he told the Reformer that although he wasn't sure how many people had been in town between Christmas and New Year's Day, visitors had generally conceded that the skiing was decent despite some less than ideal conditions.

There were some nights that the inn had no vacancy and others where there were rooms to spare. The restaurant inside the inn, 1846 Tavern and Restaurant, has seen the typical amount of business it should in the winter, Gilpin said.

"It was a good week," he added. "As long as we keep getting snow, things will be good."

High Altitude, a ski and snowboard shop that specializes in renting equipment, saw a lot of action throughout the holidays.

"A lot of people stop here. We're the first stop," said Chris Frink, an employee of the shop. "This year was slower but we were still really busy."

He estimated that there had been about 50 rentals each day.

"That's rentals, not even people stopping in," said Frink. "Hopefully it stays busy enough to keep me having a job."

In the town next door, the Wilmington Inn and Tavern has been full for the past two weeks.

"I believe it's been better than last year," said Patrick Richardson, general manager of the inn.

When asked about the snowfall that was coming down, he told the Reformer that it helped business a lot. The inn is just eight miles from Mount Snow and even closer to the Hermitage Club at Haystack Mountain.

"It's been great. Not having snow didn't help but we were still busy," concluded Richardson. "We get a lot of skiers."

Employees from both the Valley View Saloon and One More Time in Dover thought it had been crazier or more hectic than last year. They mentioned that because of the holidays falling in the middle of the week, it resulted in more traffic. Although business in the Saloon began slowing down on New Year's Day, it was expected to pick up, especially with the new snow and more on the way.

Sales were up from last year's winter break at Invasion Snowboard Shop, which is located on Route 100 in Dover.

"We look forward to the 16 to 18 inches of new snow to keep the momentum going into 2014," said Pete Ripley, owner of the shop. "Can't ask for anything more than starting the new year off with a ton of fresh snow."

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