JAMAICA -- There was some momentum for project leaders seeking to replace the water system at Town Hall. However, it seems as though they have hit a snag with estimated costs.

"This is becoming much more complicated than we had anticipated," said Jamaica Selectboard member Judy Flower, who headed efforts along with resident Steve Clark. "I'm not totally sure if the complications are worst-case scenarios or are we really in for a lot of issues?"

The project will now require an engineer and approval of an application by the state after a representative of the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division wrote a letter expressing concern over the project.

Although a $3,721 discretionary grant for replacing the system was obtained from the Vermont Community Foundation, the cost will be more than the board previously had anticipated.

Flower said the water system could not be neglected by the town. The water is non-potable and it is an outdated shallow water system. She has kept notes to ensure that no details are forgotten.

If the project is to continue, an engineer will need to be hired and a design plan authorized. In addition, two permits are required by the state.

"We need a permit in order to drill. But that doesn't even qualify us for using the water as such," said Flower. "Then it needs to be permitted again if the water is satisfactory. We are not in a position to do that."

Another issue that could arise has to do with setbacks.

"The rule is 100 feet from where the water is flowing from the septic system," continued Flower. "And then it may even be a little more. Whether we have that kind of room back there is now what we're running into."

The decision to move forward on replacing the system was made when the board believed the project would be covered mostly by the grant money and donations.

The Selectboard, having just enough members present for a quorum, was not ready to make any further decisions on Jan. 13. Flower suggested having another discussion at the next board meeting.

"I've read what you sent. It got convoluted quickly," said Selectboard member Paul Fraser, who proceeded to thank Flower for the time and energy she put into the project.

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