BELLOWS FALLS -- The Rockingham Zoning Board of Adjustment could within the next few days render a decision in regards to a local couple attempting to get conditional use to start a part-time business in their residence.

Sheri and Seth Baldasaro, of 46 Pearce Circle, appeared before the ZBA Wednesday evening to answer any questions board members had about their request for a conditional use permit. Zoning Administrator Ellen Howard said the residents want to open a hair salon in the lower-level area of their residence. Howard told ZBA members the hair salon, according to the Baldasaros, would be open up to four hours a day, Monday through Friday, and Sheri Baldasaro would be the lone employee.

"The residential use will continue. There will be no exterior changes," she said, though the couple's collection of garbage for trash pickup will remain outside.

Sheri Baldasaro explained the salon will be open by appointment only and will not have public hours. She said the residence would accommodate a maximum of four vehicles a day, and only one at a time. She assured board members there would be no overlap.

ZBA Vice Chair Mary Shepard asked if there would be a large hairdrying machine and Sheri said there would, but it won't be oversized.

"I actually don't need a lot of space for it. It's just me working," she said. "It's enough space for me to do what I need to do."

Citing Sheri's intention to have the salon open for only 20 hours a week, Shepard also asked if she had given any thought to what would happen if business started booming due to recommendations from "a friend of a friend of a friend." Baldasaro said she wants to keep the business open only part-time so she can spend plenty of time with her young children. She does not foresee having to extend her hours.

Sheri also told ZBA members the business will not produce any smoke, gas or other vapors.

Howard told the Reformer the business is expected to have one salon chair for customers. She said there are two categories of conditional use -- home occupation and home business. Home occupation conditional use comes with strict criteria that states the operation must take place within the residence, while home business conditional use is slightly more lax, allowing an accessory building (such as a detached garage) to be used. Howard said the Baldasaros had to apply for a home business conditional use permit because hair salons are specifically listed as home businesses.

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