DOVER -- A marketing plan based on having posters and rack cards placed inside nearby welcome centers has been in the pipeline for a few weeks now.

Economic Development Assistant Pat Weisbrich explained how the pitch may differ from other towns. She referred to the logo that was created -- "Dover: Home of Mount Snow."

"It’s not just another bucolic little town in the green mountains," she said. "I think that sends a strong message. I’m sure it all depends how the logo is affixed to the poster. I personally would envision it has a reasonably prominent place."

Dover Economic Development Specialist Ken Black led the efforts to inquire about costs for marketing in the Bennington and Guilford Welcome Centers. The Selectboard ultimately approved a plan to have posters put in Guilford.

On Jan. 21, Weisbrich gave the board the department’s update as Black was not present at the meeting.

Guilford’s Welcome Center seemed the more attractive option because of its statistics. Approximately 650,000 people stop at the location throughout the year.

"Opportunities to put in posters at Guilford are taken very fast and don’t come up very often," said Selectboard member Victoria Capitani. "If we have an interest, we need to decide. Because of the volume, it’s a very popular place to advertise."

The town’s Economic Development Department had not been able to get a visitor count for the Bennington Welcome Center. It is still relatively new. The center’s signage had been brought up by Selectboard Chairman Randy Terk.

"It leads you to believe that if you go to the Welcome Center, you’re heading towards Rutland," he said.

Terk had heard there was some concern at the state level, saying people who are heading towards designations near Brattleboro and Wilmington were not stopping there.

He wanted to make sure the marketing was a worthwhile endeavor. He said many visitors who are stopping at the centers already have destinations in mind.

Terk also mentioned the recent Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce efforts aimed at developing a regional brand.

"They received a federal grant," he added. "I would not want to create something that conflicts with a broader branding."

Terk believes a request for proposals had been sent to marketing firms for that branding mission.

The board approved the placement of posters in Guilford for the annual cost of $2,899. An additional $330 also will be allotted to the department so posters could be changed three times throughout the year. Its funding will come from money set aside for projects tied to economic development.

Weisbrich said the department wants to change up the posters seasonally and that there has been some interest by a local resident to produce photographs for the poster at no cost to the town. At the time of the meeting, production costs for the posters were not yet known.

Rack cards were a different matter altogether. Board members had voiced their general unhappiness with rack cards that had already been produced for the town.

Other marketing efforts of the department include the Dover Opportunity for Investment or "DO-IT," which affords business owners the chance to utilize funds to make exterior improvements, and the Dover Advertising Support Program, or DASP, funds advertising efforts.

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