SAXTONS RIVER -- Village trustees have scheduled a special meeting for Saturday to explain to sewer users a study that suggests rehabilitating the Saxtons River Wastewater Treatment Facility and implementing a new process is the most cost-efficient way to upgrade the wastewater system.

The informational meeting is slated to start a 9 a.m. at the Saxtons River Elementary School and trustees will present plans for bettering the 40-year-old sewer system and the funding options, which include bonding.

Trustee Ben Wallace said Marquise and Morano, an engineering firm in Bellows Falls, was hired to evaluate the lowest cost options for the upgrade and will detail the results Saturday. He said the options explored included shutting down the treatment facility at 1 Plant Road and lay a pipeline to pump wastewater from Saxtons River to the treatment facility at 80 Mill St. and or refurbishing the Saxtons River plant.

Sewer users have been notified of the meeting by mail and may contact Wallace at 802-869-2196 or if they have any questions or are unable to attend the meeting. Wallace told the Reformer he expects Saturday's meeting to last between one and two hours but said he cannot be certain.

Jane Morano Purdy said there are two options in regards to keeping the existing Saxtons River facility open. She said one entails rehabilitating the plant and maintaining the current activated sludge process that utilizes what is called an oxidation ditch, while the other involves the use of a new sequencing batch reactor, which is an industrial processing tank for wastewater treatment.

Morano said her firm, with the help of Gary Leach of Tata and Howard in St. Johnsbury, conducted a preliminary engineering study that analyzed all components -- including construction, operation and maintenance -- and concluded that rehabilitating the existing facility and changing the treatment process was the most cost-efficient upgrade. She said she and Leach will attend Saturday's public informational meeting.

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